My father was T.P. Dennis, (Thomas Patrick). Everyone called him Tommy.

Gunner-Dennis-12th-Field-RCAHe was a very eager volunteer to take the war to the Nazi’s.

These men of the 12th Field, they were really something. Domestic story: While putting siding on our home (that Tommy and my Mom Hazel built with their hands), I watched him fall from two stories up and hit a sawhorse on his way to the deck, flipping over and landing on his side-only to watch him get to his feet, give his head a shake, and get back up on the ladder to keep going. He could outwork all three of his son’s, myself included!

My father was assigned to A-Troop, 12th Field.

The quarry “friendly fire” incident is something he spoke of. He had run from the cover of a military vehicle when he was carried into a tunnel/shelter from a bomb blast.

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Christopher Dennis, son of Gunner T.P. Dennis, 43rd Battery, 12th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, World War Two.

From John Tost ( son of 12th Field Regiment Gunners ) :

” My Dad was Duncan Tost who served with the 12th Field RCA.  Dad passed away when I was 12, I have vivid and fond memories of watching him march in one of the reunions held in Guelph just a few years before he died.  He is in the photo “12th Field, they were really something…” of four men standing by a shed, Dad is 3rd from the right with his hands in his pockets. Dad seldom talked of the war, however, I know he served with pride. “