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The Story of Canada’s Phantom Regiment, the 12th Field Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment, celebrating their achievements.

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Honouring the 12th Field Regiment. We remember the brave soldiers of the 12th Field Regiment of the RCA.

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D-Day 80 Special Events & Local Commemorations

News Release31 May 2024 – Moncton, NB – Veterans Affairs Canada We live in a country strong and free thanks to the one million Canadians who served in uniform during the Second World War and fought selflessly to achieve peace.Eighty years later, we are gathering to...

Where did the 12th Field Regiment troops load their LCTs for DDay

June 4th, 1944Stokes Bay and Gosport, England12th Field Regiment LCTs ready for D-Day. ( Landing Craft Tanks ) "All the LCTs in Force J (the naval force which carried troops to Juno Beach for D-Day) loaded vehicles at Stokes Bay and Gosport, just to the west of...

They stood strong in the face of fear, together, fighting for freedom.

Do We Remember?From our archives: From the history of the 12th Field Regiment: “About 0630 hrs the LCT’s deployed for the firing run-in and at 0715 the blue flag broke out at the masthead of our ML. Everyone forgot his sea sickness for this was it! 12thField-DDayOur...

Remembering Easter weekend in Holland ~ 1945

A journey of remembrance! April 1st, 1945, is Easter for the 12th Field Regiment. The Padre held a church parade at 1100 hrs in the Legion Barn which was well attended. Quote from the regiment war diary for April 1st: Being in Holland we can now fraternize again. This...

In Memory

For Remembrance Day 2020! From our archives in retrospect in history in memory for today for tomorrow!! Follow the links over time: >>Perpetual Remembrance for the 12th Field Regiment - 2014 >>Remembrance Day ~ 21 Gun Salute at Queen’s Park -2014 >>...

August 14th: The grimmest day of the war for the 12th Field

Lest we forget! from our project archives: August 2017 August 14th, 1944 - It was to be the grimmest day of the war for the 12th Regiment R.C.A. The Regiment was the victim of a horrible and ghastly tragedy. The R.A.F. and R.C.A.F. bombed their first target, which was...

Canada’s Phantom Regiment Free On-Line Presentation

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, Canada's Phantom Regiment Documentary of the 12th Field Regiment will be presented on-line for a limited time. Sign-up to have access to the on-line free presentation by the 12th Field Regiment...

75th Anniversary of the Liberation on the Dutch-German border

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the liberation in the city of ’s-Heerenberg, on the Dutch-German border near Emmerich, Germany, just north of the Rhine River. Remembrance day gatherings in the streets and centre square have been the annual tradition of...

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