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The Story of Canada’s Phantom Regiment, the 12th Field Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment, celebrating their achievements.

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Honouring the 12th Field Regiment. We remember the brave soldiers of the 12th Field Regiment of the RCA.

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August 14th: The grimmest day of the war for the 12th Field

Lest we forget! from our project archives: August 2017 August 14th, 1944 - It was to be the grimmest day of the war for the 12th Regiment R.C.A. The Regiment was the victim of a horrible and ghastly tragedy. The R.A.F. and R.C.A.F. bombed their first target, which was...

Canada’s Phantom Regiment Free On-Line Presentation

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, Canada's Phantom Regiment Documentary of the 12th Field Regiment will be presented on-line for a limited time. Sign-up to have access to the on-line free presentation by the 12th Field Regiment...

75th Anniversary of the Liberation on the Dutch-German border

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the liberation in the city of ’s-Heerenberg, on the Dutch-German border near Emmerich, Germany, just north of the Rhine River. Remembrance day gatherings in the streets and centre square have been the annual tradition of...

Passing of Barry Bittle, son of a soldier-father he never met!

It is with fond memories and regrets we share of the passing of Barry R. Bittle, March 5th, 2020, age 79. Barry reached us through the website for the 12th Field Documentary project and was an important inspiration to our story and research for this project. He...

Celebrating the big 96th!

Sir Russell Kaye had a great day celebrating his 96th birthday with his family and is looking forward to next years! He received a special gift from his daughter Susan Kaye-Hachey: “ I made my father a beautiful photo book of his trip to France! Glossy coloured pages...

“May they be watching now from on high”

Doreen Hertel, niece of Fred Rogers (1920-2006), a veteran of World War II, 12th Field Regiment, 16th Battery, Canadian Army, remembers her uncle well. Rogers was 82 years when he made his fourth travel to Normandy Coast of France for the official opening of the Juno...

Reported Killed in Action, Fourteenth August

November 6th, 2019, 12th Field Regiment, veteran gunner, Russell Kaye at 95 years, recounts the tragic bombing on August 14, 1944, during an interview with journalist, Alan Cochrane, Moncton Times & Transcript. Vivid memories of the bombing attack gone wrong...

His fear but also his hope for the future

Remembering - Lance Sergeant Walter Roy Dowden 12th Field Regiment R.C.A. 11th Field Battery-D #B11194 submitted by Linda Neal - niece of Lance Sergeant W.R. Dowden Where does one begin to describe the life of a person who lived less than twenty-five years? A person...

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