Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the liberation in the city of ’s-Heerenberg, on the Dutch-German border near Emmerich, Germany, just north of the Rhine River.

Remembrance day gatherings in the streets and centre square have been the annual tradition of commemorative ceremonies.

On this April 1st, 2020 Spring day,  the 75th anniversary of the city’s liberation will be remembered as a peaceful, quiet remembrance, in solitude and with family and friends. This city, like its neighbouring towns and villages, never forget the devastation of war and sacrifices of so many.

Photos from The Liberation of the Netherlands 70th Anniversary in ‘s-Heerenberg and area

Between March 27th and April 12, 1945, the operations Plunder, Varsity, Forward On and Amherst were part of the operations of the Liberation of Eastern and Northern Holland.

The 12th Field Regiment RCA was deployed 4km South of ‘s-Heerenberg in Operation Plunder and was the first Canadian Regiment to cross the Rhine commencing March 31st, under the command of Gunner General Harry Crerar.

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