Canada and the Netherlands commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands.

” A great learning experience for the troops and for Dutch school children, and a demonstration of what Canada is all about “

We are meeting and interviewing the wonderful friendly Dutch people who share their stories of their Country’s Liberation 70 years ago. Everyone we meet tells of their gratitude for our WWII Canadian Liberators with emotions and thanks.

The 7th Toronto Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery contingent attended the commemorations ceremonies along the WWII path 70 years ago, the Canadian Army Liberated the Netherlands. The Keep Them Rolling with the Final Push represented Canada and Allies with WWII reenactments and memorials.

A few shared quotes from the 7th Toronto Regiment :

Master Bombardier Phil Gawley

MBdr Gawley - 7th Toronto Regiment RCAMy favorite portion of this trip has to be speaking with those who were alive during the occupation. Those stories need to be heard, as they will not be around much longer.
I have enjoyed walking in the footsteps of many great Canadian soldiers before us. Walking and seeing the same towns as my grandfather did 70 years ago.
The gratitude towards Canadian people, from the Dutch locals, is something every Canadian should see and feel. The youth of today, need to understand the sacrifices that were made back in 1945. So that they may understand where we have come from as a nation, and where we solidified our reputation across the globe.
MBdr Gawley



Sergeant Amber Kase

Sgt Kase 7th Toronto Regiment RCALest we forget, as we walked through the allied cemeteries, reading the names and ages first hand brought the realities of the war to life. I have heard and seen things on this trip that I will never forget, a British veteran commenting on the high esteem he had for Canadian soldiers from WWII and a young boy reading a poem during a ceremony. It has inspired me as a Sgt to encourage troops to know our history.
To take the lessons learned from WWII, that the lives lost due to poor training are not in vain, that lessons will be learnt to save lives in the future. I am returning home with a new appreciation of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

Also, I’ve become an expert in beer which will no doubt serve me well in the remaining of my career. UBIQUE! Sgt Kase





Lieutenant Jeremy Lum

nl-70th_8506This trip has provided me with the opportunity to learn about the finer details about the battles that took place to liberate the Netherlands as well as during the build up for the operations after the allies landed in Normandy. Through my interaction with so many Dutch citizens I realize just how dear they hold Canadians to their hearts because of our role in the liberation. The relationship that Canadians have with the Netherlands is truly a special one and it was an honour for me to be able to participate in activities that commemorate it as well as help to maintain and build it. Also visiting and meeting active Dutch military soldiers emphasized for me what a strong working relationship we have between our two countries and militaries.
I hope to take all that I have learned to help to remind us back home of our significance in the Netherlands. The Canadian presence is so strong and abundant in the Netherlands. But the memory of the war has to be passed on and taught to the younger generations especially since there are so few remaining who have fought or even lived during that era. The appreciation that I have gained about our history as well as an understanding about our relationship with our European allies has been a distinct learning opportunity for me. And I am thankful for the experience which has been possible through your support. Thank you, Lieutenant Jeremy Lum


Canada and The Netherlands keep the memories alive