Legion d’Honneur awarded to 12th Field Veteran :

Veteran Gunner Tom Morris of the 12th Field Regiment, R.C.A. has been honoured by the French Government for his role in the WWII Liberation from Nazi occupation. Gnr. Tom Morris has earned the rank of Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour for his extraordinary service. This prestigious decoration is the highest honour conferred by the Government of France as a tribute to Canadian Veterans who courageously took part in the landings in Normandy and Provence during WWII.

Gunner Tom Morris served during the second world war from 1940 to 1945.  From four years of training to the battles in Normandy on D-Day throughout France, Belgium and the Final Push North for the Liberation of The Netherlands.

Sir Tom Morris with his fellow soldier, Sir Fred Heber, Gunners of the 12th Field Regt R.C.A. at 93 years, carry today the burden of their heroic  battles with the honour for all the fallen and forgotten soldiers of their Regiment.


Tom Morris and his buddy from the 11th Field,  Henry (Hank) Goguen,  in England 1942.  Hank was from New Brunswick and passed away a couple of years ago.
Photo submitted by Sue Jurashtchuk, daughter of Tom Morris.