March 25- 27, 1945

March 25: The attack appears to be going quite well, the regiment firing fire plans MAPLE, ASTOR, and a special plan in support of the NNSH. Also engaged 3 Victor targets -concentration of enemy tanks. The NNS attacked and took BIENEM after a preliminary attack by the ARGYLE and SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS. SPELDROP now firmly held. All the Jeeps and carriers gore loaded up this afternoon. They were supposed to go ahead of the regiment in LVT’s, but this never came off. The weather is excellent, bright sunshine with a clear sky. The smoke screen back-fired again in the evening, but y not dense enough to do any harm.

March 26: We got the warning order to be on one hours notice from 0800 hours at 0200 hours Fired MAPLE, amended again at 0610. The first Class 9 bridge was across the river at 0710 hours. A new fire plan LARYRX came down by phone. At 1100 hours the CO ordered us on 3 hours notice to move. We fired a smoke screen at 1215 hours and kept it up until 1713 when we fired LARYNX. This got off to a false start times and wasn’t finally completed until 1948 hours. Received movement orders from the CO at 2300 hours. We move at 0850 hours the morning of the 27 March 1945.

March 27: The Regiment moved at 0830 hours in the morning. Reached left marshalling area near CALCAR at about 0930 hours. Moved off in serials from marshalling area starting at 2030 hours. The recce and gun groups want over WATERLOO bridge, the half-tracks being re-routed-over LONDON bridge which caused a little confusion. The guns were in action about an hour before RHQ showed up. We were the first CANADIAN Field Regiment over the river RHINE.

March 27: Took up position at GRIETHERBUSCH map ref 035558 at 0200 hours. Fired few targets a long range. Moved up at 1100 hours to VRASSELT map reference 013595 sheet 4103. Fired targets in support of Can Scots. Enemy shelling very heavy along road 500 yards to o.r front. Some rounds near 43 Battery and ourselves. The Can Scots and the Regina Rifles advancing but meeting stiff opposition with heavy shelling and mortar fire. Can Scots eventually reach the slaughter house in EMMERICH. Weather is cloudy but no rain.



Canada’s Phantom Regiment Excerpt – The Netherlands