Thank you to all who came out on the beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in June for the Canada’s Phantom Regiment documentary;  story of the 12th Field. Not a full house, but we were please with the presence of a most wonderful audience. It was especially memorable to see all ages in the audience, including special guest Penny Bell, daughter of Lieutenant T.J. Bell and her family, Mrs. Wood, wife of Gunner Norm Wood –  12th Field, 11th D battery and sons, as well as Royal Canadian Legion, John K. Dalley CD, Zone C-3 Commander.  Mr. Rob Stark, president of the 12th Field Association, had a commemorative wreath & table set up as well.

Another emotional historic commemoration for our Canadian World War Two Soldier Gunners !!

Here are some of your reactions :


I  am still so very emotional after seeing this absolutely wonderful documentary. 
 What a tour de force it turned out to be! Bravo!!! 

My daughter learned so much, but what was more surprising was that so did my brother and I! 

Every Canadian school should have a copy of this and show it every year.

Bob, this was your idea from the beginning. What a legacy this is not only to family members involved, but to the whole country. 

I am impressed beyond measure at what you have accomplished.

Penny Bell, daughter of Lieutenant T.J. Bell M.C. author of the history for the 12th Field Regiment ; “ Into Action with the 12th Field – published in the Netherlands – 1945 .
I did really enjoy the documentary, so did my friend. It is very well done and not boring. I agree our youth should see this and really make them aware of what happened and what a war is like. I like to compliment all of you that worked on this.
Roelie Katerberg , Drayton, Ontario


I was impressed with the the quality of the program.
John K. Dalley CD , Zone C-3 Commander

The Wood family would like to thank everyone for your hospitality during the screening at the Norgan Theatre. The documentary was very well produced and is a great perspective on what Canadian Artillery Regiments  endured during the war years. It triggered some memories for Mom about things her and Dad talked and wrote about during the war.

Peter Wood – son of  Gunner Wood, N. – 11th D – B8075 – 12th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

Your group or organization can participate in this educational outreach of historical significance, meanwhile experiencing a unique presentation of the Canadian 12th Field Artillery Regiment World War Two missions; A collection of untold stories from veterans of the regiment and their families as well as interviews from military experts and historians on the backdrop of real life World War Two footage to help understand the conditions & missions the soldiers served under!

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