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Poem by Fredrick H. (Buck) Rogers, Gunner 12th Field Regiment, 16th Battery…

We do not forget

On May 5th in 1945,
Many thank God to still be alive.
The guns have ceased firing; men could now stand,
Peace had returned to this troubled land.

This gave men a time to rejoice,
Returning home was their first choice.
You now sat back and thought of a friend,
Who gave his life before the end.,

When we got home we certainly were glad,
For those that stayed, we were very sad.
But we know in God’s own way,
We will meet these men another day.

Once a year in the fall,
The men gather in a hall,
To sit around arid reminisce,
Of the good times had, and a friend they miss.

The call now comes to leave the hall,
To march downtown to the cenotaph tall.
You can tell they march with pride,
Because they have an old friend by their side.

The service is short, some eyes are not dry,
We think of things long since gone by.
As we march back and see the crowd,
Having fought for our country, we are proud.

We only hope, young people today,
Do not forget as we all pass away.
That they help keep this day with pride,
And remember why so many young men died.

-Fred Rogers, Gunner, 16th Battery, 12th Field Regiment, A28458

Poem by Fred Buck- Rogers-12thField