12th Field Regiment, R.C.A. War Diary Summary, May 1944

Regt worked on waterproofing all day. (18 / 5 /44 )

In the Field 1/5/1944-

Loading of LCTs for combined ops ox `FABIUs III` commenced early this morning. The HARDS at SOUTHAMPTON & COSPORT (?) were used. The strictest censorship was observed. The men were warned that talking to civilians was a Court Martial offence. LCTs and LCHs sailed in the late afternoon and anchored off COWES ISLE OF WIGHT.

All Non-Op Vehs were moved to BORDEN today and waterproofed vehs are being brought back to the Unit.

Regt worked all day on modifications until 2100 hrs at night. Waring Order for Ex “OVERLORD” came in, which showed that the 2nd Tide would move to an Assembly Area on the 15 May 44.

The CO attended a conference for “ OVERLORD” at HQ 7 Inf Bde.

Regt worked on waterproofing all day. The Arty Gp Comdr Col Webb and The A/CO Maj Pickering attend a conference at HQ 3 Can Inf Div all day.

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12th Field Regiment R.C.A.,  War Diary Summary May 1945

In the Field 1/5/1945-

Reece parties left early in the morning to recce a gun area NE of LEER. When they left for the new area, it had not yet been cleared of mines and enemy, but the enemy was out by the time the recce party arrived. The Regiment with the exception of the 11 Bty moved at 200 hrs as they were too firmly embedded in the mud to move. Arrived in new area at 856175 via the new Gales Bridge” at 793133 and were in action by 0030 hrs on the 2nd. There was no firing during the day at the old position. The weather was very changeable with some very heavy rain.

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General Kieffer Discussing Surrender May 1945

General Kieffer Discussing Surrender May 1945


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