The 70th Anniversary of the Liberation from Eastern and Northern Holland 1945 – 2015 is being celebrated internationally! Keep Them Rolling, is the Netherland’s oldest and most well known club in the preservation of military vehicles from WWII and  promoting the historical and cultural aspects that are connected to the vehicles in keeping the memories alive for future generations for what happened during that period.  This Organization is heading “The Final Push” 2015 which will start at the historical point, Groesbeek and will travel through the original routes used in 1945 to the final entry of Groningen.  ( Approximately 2 1/2 weeks journey ).

Between March 27th and April 12, 2015 the operations Plunder , Varsity, Forward On and Ahmerst  will be relived again under the name ” The Final Push “.  In 1945 these operations were the intro to the Liberation of Eastern and Northern Holland.

The 12th Field Regiment RCA was deployed 4km South of ‘s-Heerenberg in Operation Plunder and was the first Canadian Regiment to cross the Rhine commencing March 31st, under the command of Gunner General Harry Crerar.

‘s-Heerenberg is at the centre of the start of the Liberation campaign. The World War II Gun, the famed 25 Pounder is dedicated on the market square of this town to memorialize the service of Canadian Gunners.

This monument perpatuates the memory of the service of more than 29 000 Canadian Gunners in Holland who manned more than 1 100 guns in 38 Artillery Regiments.  Canadians suffered about 900 killed from DDay to VE Day.

“The Final Push” 2015

“The celebration and remembrance activities of 70 years liberation of Eastern and Northern
Holland in 2015 will start at a historical point being Groesbeek, in 1945 the assembly point
for the Rhine crossing better known under the names Operation Plunder and Operation
Varsity. After driving some time thru Germany and hopefully crossed the Rhine by the means
of a pontoon bridge, we enter The Netherlands again at Dinxperlo/Aalten where we pick
up the original routes used in 1945 under the names Operation Forrard On and Operation
Amherst with the final a glorious entry of Groningen. At that time we are about 2 ½ weeks on
the road….

Just like a similar event which took place in 2010, there are during the tour in several
municipalities bivouacs, ceremonies remembering the fallen and (probably) an ecumenical
service in the town Delden. Also in the area of Delden the location of and old RAF airstrip
will be put back in service including flying activities with original WW2 planes. During this
weekend Delden will be taken “back in time” to April 1945 where the centre streets will look
the same again as it was Liberation day again including vehicles, steam trains, airplanes and
the shops and residents will show the audience the feeling of “Then”.
Continuing the route we will visit the concentration camp of Westerbork and there will be
Liberation concerts, air drops and parades organized. The educational part of this tour will
not be forgotten and the history will be promoted to many schoolchildren. ”

The 2015 Program for THE FINAL PUSH >> Expired

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