The 12th Field Regiment R.C.A.

Guelph’s Phantom Regiment

The Wellington County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is recognizing The 12th Field Regiment R.C.A. (1940-1945) in a free programme to be held at the Arthur Legion Branch 226,  at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday June 7th, 2014.  The programme consists of two presentations:

  • a)  Family and Military History and
  • b)  A Remembrance Service for the Honour Roll of 74 fallen men.
    Quoting from a book written by Captain T.J. Bell “Into Action with the 12th Field”, this Regiment was “the first Regiment to fire” on Normandy beaches on D day, June 6, 1944 and suffered tragic losses in a “friendly fire” incident in August 1944.  References in biographical information in respect of Alex Colville indicate that in December 1944, as a Canadian War artist in Europe, he sketched men and a 25-pounder of the Regiment.  This painting now forms part of the Beaverbrook Collection of War Art at the Canadian Museum of History.

A limited number of compilations of many names will be made available to those interested in both the military and family history of the 12th Field Regiment.   The organizing committee requests the assistance of the community in providing service numbers of some of the men listed.
In the family history segment, well-known speaker Glenn Wright, a family historian, former archivist at Library and Archives Canada, and a published author, will speak on locating the military records of veterans who returned to Canada and appear in researchers’ family trees. The military part of the session will be presented by Rob Stark, President of the 12th Field Regiment Association and a son of a late veteran of the Regiment.  Both Mr. Wright and Mr. Stark will use power point to enhance their presentations.

There will be a brief lunch break followed by the Remembrance service conducted by the Arthur Legion.

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