The TAC Signs on the 25-pounder gun on display in the village of ‘s-Heerenberg, Holland, represent the 11 Bty, 12 Field, RCA – in the first Canadian Regiment to cross the Rhine. 12th Field was deployed within 4 km south of ‘s-Heerenberg in May 1945. This gun was produced in Sorel, Quebec. 1943.

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery commemorated its role in the Liberation of The Netherlands in  ‘s-Heerenberg on May 5th, 2010, the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

The famed 25 Pounder, World War II Gun, was dedicated on the market square in ‘s-Heerenberg to memorialize the service of Canadian Gunners.

This monument will perpetuate the memory of the service of more than 29 000 Canadian Gunners in Holland who manned more than 1 100 guns in 38 Artillery Regiments. Canadian Gunners suffered about 900 killed from D-Day to VE Day.

The 25 Pounder was the principal artillery piece of the Canadian Artillery in WWII.

‘s-Heerenberg is at the center of the start of the Liberation campaign, when the First Canadian Army, under command of Gunner ( General Harry Crerar ) swung north, crossed the Rhine, and brought the occupying forces to capitulation.

This was the first major town liberated in Operation PLUNDER, commencing March 31st 1945.


The Colonel Commandant Brigadier General Ernest B. Beno, OMM, CD, presents the Gun, and Plaque to the Mayor Leppink of ‘s-Heerenberg for the 65th Anniversary, May 5th, 2010, of the Liberation of Holland.