Thank you for all who came out Sunday afternoon to the Premiere at the Norgan Theatre….

I can still feel the emotions of the friends and families of the 12th Field  Canadian Gunners that filled the theatre and showed respect to Sir Fred Heber and Sir Tom Morris veteran gunners representing the entire 12th Field Regiment Family….

it was GREAT !! – Moira

Very Special Thanks to the 1943 Norwell Cadet Corps of Palmerston Ontario for their presence and guard of this historic event.

Special thanks to the Artillery Support Group – 11th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery for the loan of the FAT, limber and 25 pdr gun for the event.

Documentary Intro :


Some shared comments :


From Chris HAYWARD-Paquette Leading Wren 1980 – 1992 ( Retired):

The Documentary left me really thinking about what Fred and his fellow soldiers went through.
I felt like I was transported back in time and was there with them. I keep rewinding it in my mind and see the vivid pictures of the regiment and what they went through.

The documentary was brilliantly done and everyone involved deserves a round of applause.

HMCS York Leading Wren, Retired, Christine Hayward-Paquette
( one of the first women with Submarines Squadron – Halifax station )


>> Link to ” Once a Wren, Always a Wren…. & Publication by Lieutenant-Commander (retired) Karen D. Davis and Lieutenant (Navy) Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger


My son and I thought the documentary was extremely well done. The graphics were excellent and the story line delivered the message from the beginning of the documentary until the very end. Well done!

On behalf of my father and family, thank you and Bob for telling a story that I feel is very important and needed to be told. The artillery branch of the armed forces never receives the recognition for the very important role they have to play.

David K ( son of Max Kennedy – 12th Field Regiment )

We were all very moved by the film, and the telling of the story of the 12th.  Thank you to everyone involved for making sure this story was told, and is recorded for posterity.

It definitely brought back memories for dad, good ones and sad ones.  My two children and granddaughter also attended, and they were very touched by the full impact of the story of the young men of the 12th, and their grandfather. Even dad did not know of the many times his regiment was the first to lead the way in many instances.

I hope meeting my dad helped Barry, and his family, to know that his dad is remembered, and was an important part of the unit who made an impact on those he served with.

Thank you again to everyone who took this journey with the 12th Field, and made this film happen.

Sue Jurashtchuk ( daughter of Sir Tom Morris Veteran 12th Field Regiment )

Just felt I should  write to tell you what a wonderful achievement you , Max, your son and team have passionately and professionally created.
Although I have a personal family interest in your project , I really was swept
along , riveted with the images ,quality and grand story’s that were told.
I sincerely hope that you are all as proud as we are of you.
What a piece of history for all the schoolchildren who will be fortunate enough to see it and to experience those remarkable times during WWII. ( and after ) Thanks again Moira for all your passion , commitment and TALENT to film and weave this story in such a unique and fascinating way.

I was thrilled to meet the two Gentlemen who are still standing and to speak with Tom Morris who knew my Father well.
Another thrill in my most fortunate life.
Barry R. Bittle ( son of Walter C. Bittle, 12th Field Regiment, Medic ” Doc Bittle ” K.I.A. in 1944 Quarry Bombing )


The documentary that you and your group produced was professionally done, representing not only the historical aspects of the war but also the human side.  Although it focussed on the 12th Field Regiment, I believe this film is representative of the gunner experience from all of the Canadian gunner regiments that fought in Europe during the 2nd World War. This documentary will be a valuable tool in educating future generations for years to come.  The gunner family looks forward to the wider distribution of this film. Congratulations, thanks and well done.
Gary E. Burton
Honorary Colonel (Retired)
Artillery Support Group & The Royal Canadian Artillery Association


Jacquie Norris ( wife of  Ernie Norris – 12th Field Regiment )

Thank you for all your work on the 12th Field Regiment film that we saw on Sunday.  It was super.

From Sergeant Rob Cullen:
Turned out it was my mom, my 3 sisters (2 of them with spouses) and my brother and his wife. Quite a gang. The film was AMAZING !!!   I was worried if I would puddle up, but I didn’t. Then when the lights went up at the end, the whole rest of my family had !! They were speechless.

Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this endeavour. WOW !!!!

Rob ( son of Gilbert Cullen – 12th Field Regiment )
Sincere congratulations to you, your son René, Bob and all other participants in the making of this great documentary on the 12th Regiment.
It is a great achievement that you should be very proud of.
A wonderful piece of Canadian history showing the hardship of these brave men that will now be told over and over and pass on for the next generations.

And a great gathering yesterday!
What a thrill for Barry to meet Mr. Morris who fought next to his father and even remember him as Doc Bittle!

Knowing what goes into the making of such a film, I can tell you that Barry and I, as well as Kathleen and Matthew, were all very impressed by the overall quality of the footage, editing, sound design and graphics.
Can’t wait to be able to show it to the rest of the family and to our friends!

Congratulations again Moira!!

Danièle Bourdages-Bittle



The documentary was excellent and very informative and was enjoyed by all from Orangeville that attended.

Ed – Royal Canadian Legion Branch 233 – Orangeville, Ontario


The film is excellent and is a good synopsis of the history of the Regiment.

Diane G.


Congrats for a job well done by you and your team.
It was really very interesting to follow the regiment’s journey from start to finish.
Of course seeing our dear friend Gerhard and some of the experiences from the Dutch people in our region was extra special.
Needless to say if it was not for the allied forces liberating my family and friends many of us may not have been around today.

Rut and Maria Damen