A Compilation prepared by The Wellington Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society with countless hours of research by Diane Gilbertson and the 12th Field Regiment Association’s years of research by Robert Stark, son of Gunner Clifford Henry Stark, 16thD Battery.
Disclaimer: Extraordinary care has been taken to ensure accuracy; however this compilation of names and information is to the best of our knowledge. Verified information to update this list is most welcome. We appreciate your understanding.

Compilation of ______ Genealogical Help Book Municipality based on various sources and times Wounded Honour Roll
Abbey, A.B6433Belmont
Abbott, R. no number Port Rowan
Abbott, R.E. Sgt.B11132
Abbott, Robert L. (J.) A35361Fergus
Ace, W.C. Gnr.43rd DG1659 / C1659
Adams, W.J. (Wilson) Gnr.43rd DC33552Whittier, CA
Addis, F.C. Lt.
Aftewice, E.L. Gnr.B11965
Akers, M.L. Gnr.16th D B11141Peterborough
Allan, G. Gnr.B11294
Allan, L.A. Gnr.B11295
Allan, W.I. Gnr.B11876
Allen, T.D. L/Cpl. 43rd DM418858
Allen, T.W. Gnr.B11302Dundas
Allen, W.I.R. Gnr.43rd D RHQB11876Orangeville
Allen, W.S. Bdr.11th DB11210/B11220Brantford
Allison, F.L. Pte.43rd DF21269
Alsop, J. Gnr16th D B11060July 4, 1944
Ambroise, J. no number January 1, 1970
Ambroise, Joseph W. A35241Guelph/Milton
Ambroise, Joseph W. L/Sgt.43rd DA35225/A35255Guelph/Milton
Amer, W.E. Gnr. 43rd D RHQB11901
Ames, B.C. no numberSt. Catharines
Ankers, B. no numberToronto
Anderson, J.A.G. Gnr.11th DB11184Brantford August 17, 1944
Anderson, M. Gnr.H11959January 1, 1970
Anderson, R.W. Gnr.43rd DF51976January 1, 1970
Anger, G. Gnr.16th D A34901January 1, 1970
Anger, J. no numberToronto January 1, 1970
Angus, W. Gnr.11th DH67384August 14, 1944
Angus, W.D. Gnr. 43rd DL55485January 1, 1970
Anthony, Lorne V. L/Sgt.A35453Kitchener
Antoine, MartinA35377Guelph
Anton, J. 2nd Lt.
Appleyard, D. Gnr.43rd DA35551/A35362Acton
Armitage, G. Gnr.16th D K25849
Armitage, R.K25849
Armstrong, W.S. Lt.
Atwell, A. Gnr.B11193
Atwood, J.E.F87049Berwick, NS
Austin/Austen, C.B. (F.) Gnr.B11254Brantford
Auton, R. Gnr.B15258Hamilton
Avery, Clayton Sawyer Gnr.M105514Darwell, AB August 14, 1944
Avery, G.S. no numberFergus
Ayers, E.A. BSM11th DB11005Hamilton
Aylward, C.E. L/SgtA35461Guelph
Ayres, W.J.A35242Guelph
B?cking, A. Gnr.43rd DH60128
Bagg, W.V. Capt.Guelph
Bailey, G.A. Gnr.B11033
Bailey, G.M. no numberAncaster
Baker, F.J. Gnr16th D B11281Hamilton September 6, 1944
Baker, G.O. (Gerald) B625530/B625531Weston January 1, 1970
Baker, G.T.no numberToronto January 1, 1970
Baker, S.E. Gnr.43rd DB11333January 1, 1970
Bamfylde, W.I. Gnr.16th D B11242January 1, 1970
Bangay, N.T, Gnr.11th DF79078January 1, 1970
Bankier, P.D. Lt. January 1, 1970
Bannister, A.C. Gnr.43rd DC44229January 1, 1970
Barber, A.J. Gnr.11th DB88603January 1, 1970
Barber, G.R. Gnr. 43rd DA28294Guelph January 1, 1970
Barber, G.T. no numberJanuary 1, 1970
Barberce, C.A.A35451Guelph
Barbaree, C.A. (band member) BQMS 16th DA35451Guelph/Fergus
Barker, J.C. no number
Barker, M.J. / N.J. Gnr.43rd DA28510
Barker, M.M. L/Bdr.16th D C563
Barnes, R.B21295
Barnes, R.A. Gnr.16th D B11295Alliston
Barnett, J.E. Gnr.16th D B18149
Barnett, M.C. L/Bdr. A35462Guelph/Oshawa
Barr, W. no number
Barr, W.J. Gnr.43rd DA35243Guelph/London
Barrett. G.K. Gnr.11th DB47420Sudbury
Barry, H.D. L/BdrB11939June 26, 1944
Batey, D. Gnr.A28442Sarnia January 1, 1970
Bathe, J.F. Gnr.43rd DB44694January 1, 1970
Bawcutt, Edmund Arthur Gnr.B11898Toronto January 1, 1970March 22, 1943
Beaudette, J.S. (M.J.) Gnr.16th DB11906Hamlton January 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Beechey, D.R. no number January 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Beechey, R.D. (Ronald) Gnr.A35213Guelph/Galt
Beechy, D.R. no number
Beer, J.P. Col.11th DOttawa/Victoria
Beirnes, S.W. (Stan) Bdr.16th D A35392Owen Sound/Oakville
Beirnes, W.S. no number
Bell, GordonA35440Guelph
Bell, H.C. (Harold)A35438Guelph
Bell, H.G. Sgt.16th DA35440
Bell, Thomas J. Capt.Toronto 30-Sep-44 with 15 Cnd Fd Regt
Bellefontaine, A. Gnr.16th DF3577
Beneteau, W.J. Pte.11th DA20245Sarnia
Bennett, G.W. Major
Bernstein, P. Capt. (Dr.)Cochrane
Berry, G.L. Gnr.B11146Brantford
Berry, H.K. (Harold) Gnr. 11th DB11236Hamilton
Berry, J.M. (James)A35334Guelph
Beswick, M.C.no numberHamilton
Biernes, S.W. (Stan)See BeirnesA35392Oakville
Biernes, William S. no numberOwen Sound
Biggs, G.B. Gnr A31103March 1, 1945
Bigley, E.C. Gnr16th DB11940June 8, 1944
Billingsley, V.N. Bdr.16th DA34900/A34905January 1, 1970
Birdsell, G.N. Gnr.B11916January 1, 1970
Bishop, J.C. Gnr.B9072January 1, 1970
Bitterman, E. Gnr.16th D K68599January 1, 1970
Bittle, Walter Culhane Gnr11th DB11564Toronto August 14, 1944
Bittof/Bittoff, Herbert H. (Henry) A35497Acton
Bittorf, Henry T. Gnr.43rd DA35497Acton
Black, C.A.A35196Guelph
Black, C.F. no numberOttawa
Black, D.J.B47639Thorndale
Black, Fredno number Charlottetown, PEI
Black, V.J. Gnr.16th DB11324New Toronto
Blackburn, H. Gnr.16th DA35229Guelph
Blair, J.F. Gnr.43rd DK76841
Blake, D. Gnr.11th DD128745August 14, 1944
Blasdell, J.S. Gnr.16th DB11204Brantford August 14, 1944
Block, P.P. Pte.43rd D RHQB74661January 1, 1970
Blower, W. Sgt.11th DB11102Brantford
Bobus, J. Gnr.A116998August 14, 1944
Boleslaw, W.K. (Klos) Surname "Boleslaw" found in one source, is incorrect. We have used the surname "Klos" cited in obituary dated July 1980 as the correct spelling. A35441/A35442Galt
Bolton, T.E. Gnr43rd DB150293June 7, 1944
Bond, Herbert Gnr.A35292Guelph
Booth, A. no numberGuelph
Booth, E. Bdr. 43rd DA35469
Boshart, K.L.B43835
Bosley, M.A.W. Lt.Toronto
Boucha, H.G. Gnr.16th D H88073
Bouck, G.E. Gnr.11th DM102249
Bourne, W.H. Bdr. B11070
Bousfield/Boussfield, J.B83434Toronto
Bovard, W.J. L/Bdr.B11088
Bower, W.E. Gnr.B11107
Bowie, ?no number
Bowman, A.W. Gnr.43rd DH35438
Bowman, C.E. no numberGuelph
Bowman, R.W. (William) T/BSM43rd DA35236Guelph
Boyce, W.no number
Boyd, S.F. (Steward) Bdr.43rd DA35340Clifford
Boyd, W.C.A35526
Boyes, J.W. Gnr. 16th DH67419
Boyle, A.W.A35407London
Boyle, B.B111805
Boyle, T. (Terry) Gnr.16th D B11336Burlington/Port Lambton
Bradshaw, G.F.B11975
Bradshaw, R.A. Lt.
Brandt, E.E. H/Capt. (Padre)
Brant, V.A. Gnr. 43rd DB145841
Braumberger, J. Gnr.16th D L35037
Breaton, J. Gnr.A28297Guelph
Breman, H. (N.) Gnr.16th DH1032
Bremmer/Bremner, C. Gnr16th D H26677August 14, 1944
Brennan, P.J. Gnr.A35896January 1, 1970
Brett, F.S. Gnr.43rd DA28474/A38474/ A35474Beachville
Brigger, W.J. Major
Briggs, A.D. (D.E.)A35287Guelph
Briggs, D.no number
Briggs, D.E. no number
Briggs, R. Gnr43rd DH67321June 9, 1944
Briggs, T.E. (Jigger) Bdr.A35270Guelph/Toronto
Brimelow/Brimlow, A. L/Bdr.A35322Guelph
Britain, W.G.no number
Britrin, W.G. no number
Brock, W.E. Gnr.43rd D RHQB11537
Brooks, F.L. Sgt.A35376
Brooks, F.L.A. (Frank)A35359/A35375London/Sarnia
Brooks, M.G. Lt.
Brown, Andrew G. A35356Guelph
Brown, H.H. (Herbert)A35244Guelph
Brown, J.E.A35177Guelph
Brown, J.F. Major43rd D
Brown, J.H.A35373Priceville
Brown, Lloyd George Gnr.F79720Calgary, ABSeptember 6, 1944
Brown, R.W. Lt. January 1, 1970
Brown, W.J. Gnr.11th DH26590January 1, 1970
Browne, D.J.A35186Guelph
Bruce, H.no number
Bruce, Jack G. L/BdrA35306Guelph
Bruneau, R.A. Gnr.16th DA35523
Bryant, Ernest Gnr.16th DA35384GuelphDied of Wounds 14-Aug-44
Bryne, Thomas C. (band member)See Byrne A35441Acton
Buffett, R.R. Gnr11th DF89404July 30, 1944
Bull, M.C. TQMSB11014January 1, 1970
Burden, R.E.no numberToronto
Burgess, H. Gnr.A28438
Burgess, S.H.no number
Burgess, S.W. (Sydney)A35376/A35377Arkell/Courtice
Burke, W.J. GnrH59818June 9, 1944
Burkinshaw, E. Gnr.B11675January 1, 1970
Burns, C. no numberGuelph January 1, 1970
Burns, C.A. Gnr. 43rd DB65785January 1, 1970
Burt, James Ivan Gnr.16th D M63146Drumheller, ABAugust 14, 1944
Buttenham, M./A.B11045
Butterman, A.H. no numberBrantford
Buttle, H. L/Sgt.11th DB11022June 12, 1944
Bye, W.J. Sgt.B11256January 1, 1970
Byrne, Thomas C. See Bryne no number January 1, 1970
Caine, J. Gnr.A35321Guelph
Calvert, G.no number
Campbell, A.R. Gnr.43rd DA35463Fergus
Campbell, Clifford Ronald43rd D A35409Belwood/Fergus
Campbell, D. no numberGuelph
Campbell, F.R. L/Bdr. 16th D. B11196Brantford/Toronto/Scotland, ON
Campbell, J. Gnr. 11th DB11950
Campbell, J.D. Gnr. 43rd D RHQL101313
Campbell, J.R. Gnr.11th DB11125
Campbell, M. Gnr.16th D B11227August 14, 1944
Campbell, P. no numberGuelph January 1, 1970
Campbell, Ronald C. A35409Belwood
Campbell, W.A35249Guelph
Campbell, W. Gnr.B11520
Campeau, G.no number
Campure, W. J. Gnr.A28454Greensville
Canton, B.L. Gnr.16th D B11566
Cardew, R.D. (Robert) (Bob) L/Bdr. 16th D B11309Toronto/Dundas/Hamilton
Cardy, C.H. L/Bdr. 16th D B11035Paris
Careswell, N.A. no numberBrantford
Carlisle, J. Gnr.16th DB44458
Carnrike, R.B. Gnr.43rd Dno number
Carpan, A. L. Gnr11th DF13201Unknown date
Carrick, D.D. Capt.Toronto
Carter, E.V. Gnr.B11195
Carter, G.B52610Bowmanville
Cartledge, A.N.T. (Dean)A35279Guelph/Etobicoke
Cartledge, D. no numberValquette, Montreal, PQ
Ch…llc P.B112_9
Chadwick, ? no numberEtobicoke
Chamberlain, JosephA35431Eden Mills
Chamberlain, Joseph L/Bdr.A35426Ariss
Chapman, H.R. Gnr.43rd DC__888
Charlesworth, F.A.L. Capt.Brantford
Charman, C.H. Gnr.11th DB11120Hagersville June 8, 1944
Cherry, G.W. Gnr.43rd DB9820January 1, 1970
Chivers, John W. (C.) L/Sgt.A35431/A35432Waterloo/Mount Royal, PQ
Christian, J. Gnr.A28494
Christianson, Pte.43rd DM41337
Christianson, J.M. Gnr.11th DF88858
Christie, D.A. Gnr.B11305Simcoe
Christie, J.M. Bdr.43rd DB11946Toronto June 6, 1944
Church, C.A. Gnr.A35328Guelph
Church, D.A. Gnr.43rd DB11920Caistor Centre
Clare, J.A. 2nd Lt.Guelph
Clark, J.E. Gnr.11th DB11151
Clark, L.G. Brig.
Clarke, H.T.J. Gnr.11th DD10705Toronto
Clarke, J.H. A31249
Clarke, J.M. Capt.
Clarke, John 16th btyno number
Clarke, Robert Roy Gnr.16th DA34911Ingersoll, ON Died of Wounds 4-Jul-44
Clarkson, J.E. no numberToronto January 1, 1970
Clavert, G.no number
Clayton, J. no numberToronto
Clayton, J.B. BSM43rd DA35202Guelph
Clayton, R.W. (Ming) L/Sgt.A35198Guelph/Eden Mills
Clement, R.B. B44861Leamington
Clements, C.B.F87186
Clements, R.A. Gnr.43rd DK15318
Clendinning, R.R. L/Bdr.16th D B11911
Coady, Albert J. Lt.Guelph February 21, 1945
Coady, R.P. (Paul)A35438January 1, 1970
Coady, Reginald J. (P.) (Reg)A35437/A35438GuelphJanuary 1, 1970
Coady, Richard J. Bdr.43rd D RHQA35437Guelph
Coburn, Gordon Ross Gnr.11th D B11855Toronto June 6, 1944
Coburn, S. Gnr.11th D B11974January 1, 1970
Cockburn, J. no numberHamilton January 1, 1970
Cocking, E. ? Gnr.B11020January 1, 1970
Cole, S.F. (Steven) K73721Hamilton January 1, 1970
Cole, W.H. Gnr.16th DB110519August 14, 1944
Coleman, J. L/Bdr11th D B6558August 12, 1944
Collard, G.R. (G.W.)A35214Guelph
Collard, G.R.A35313Guelph
Collard, G.W.A35233
Collingridge, G.A103645
Collins, W.O. Gnr.B11910 ?
Comeau, George Gnr.16th DF79141Berwick, NS
Comeau, J.L. Gnr.11th D G24068
Compton, D. no numberMontreal
Compton, L.D. (Doug) Sgt.16th D D118139Calgary, AB
Condon, F.J. Gnr.16th DA105304Hamilton
Connaty, A.W. (W.A.) Gnr.11th D A33228August 14, 1944
Connelly, J.T.no number January 1, 1970
Connolly, Joseph T. A35417London
Convery, R.J. Gnr.43rd DB16637
Cook, A.C. L/Bdr.B11176
Cook, D. no numberWaterdown
Cook, Donald L. (Don) Bdr.43rd D RHQA34296/A35269/ A35296Guelph
Cook, F. Gnr.16th D K50432
Cook, William D. Lt.Belleville August 15, 1944
Coon, James D. L/Sgt.A35378GuelphAugust 26, 1941
Cooney, M.L. L/Bdr.16th D B43996Toronto
Coons, S. Gnr.B6954
Cooper, C.L. Gnr.16th D A28307West Lorne
Cooper, D.no numberDetroit, MI
Cooper, D.A35395Guelph
Cooper, D.H. Capt.
Cooper, D.W.M. Major
Cooper, John Henry Pte.16th D D7662Died of Wounds 21-Aug-44
Cooper, M. no numberBrantford
Cooper, R.D.no number
Cooper, Russell Gnr. Some sources incorrectly state "Richard"11th D B11148Died of Wounds 5-Jul-44
Cope, J.H. (J.M.) Gnr.16th D / 43rd D RHQB16507Dundas
Copeland, A. (Hal) Capt.Erin
Copeland, A.H. Gnr.A35522
Copeman, J.L. (Les)A35274Guelph
Corbett, B.M. no numberPort Credit
Corbett, C.R. Gnr.43rd DM10186
Coulthard, L.H. Lt.
Coutu, M.J. Gnr.43rd DH8461April 21, 1945
Cox, A.A. Gnr.43rd DA35203Guelph/Kitchener/HanoverSeptember 6, 1944
Cox, L.W. Gnr.16th D B44954January 1, 1970
Cox, William Bdr.43rd DA28305GuelphDied of Wounds 24-Mar-45
Coyle, J.J. Gnr.11th D C1606January 1, 1970
Craig, O.W.A31317Guelph
Craig, R.W.A35262Guelph
Crandall, G.N. L/Bdr.B11110
Crandall/Crandell, J. Gnr.16th D B11910
Crandell, J. Gnr.16th DB11110
Crawford, E.R. Gnr.11th D H69626
Creed, K.B. Sgt.43rd D RHQB11276St. Catharines September 15, 1944
Criag, R.W. A35262Guelph
Crimmon, K.C. Gnr.11th D B47529
Crocker, W.G. Major
Cromplin, J. no numberLondon
Crosby, K.H5015
Crouse, E.M.G21311
Crowe, J. D. Capt.
Crowe, Robert.E. Sgt.16th DA35427Fergus/Guelph August 14, 1944
Crowe, T.R. Gnr.11th D B11921Toronto June 26, 1944
Cullen, Gilbert B. Gnr.16th D A28302Kitchener January 1, 1970
Culp, R.J.A35311Guelph
Cummer, A.G. Gnr.11th D H64052
Cummer, L.W. (Lloyd) Gnr.11th D H63999
Cunningham, C. no numberSimcoe
Cunningham, Leonard Garfield Gnr.B88650TorontoAugust 14, 1944
Cunningham, W. L/Bdr.B11137January 1, 1970
Currie, A.L. Lt.Toronto
Currie, D. L/Bdr.B11062
Currie, J.H.A35208Guelph/Moffat
Currie, J.M. no number
Currie, W.H. Sgt.11th D B11103
Dack, T.E. Capt.
Dale, R.P. Gnr.B11542
Damer, A.no number
Damer, A.M.no numberDownsview
Damer, A.N. L/Sgt. A35465Guelph
Damer, J. no number
Damer, J. (Jim) (Jimmy) Bdr.B9045Toronto
Damer, T.L. (T.J.) (Timothy)16th D / 43rd D RHQA35467Toronto
Dares, F.A. Gnr.11th D F3897
Darling, S.A. Gnr.43rd DC473
Davidson, J.W. Gnr.11th D A105566
Davidson, L. Gnr.43rd DK17074
Davidson, L.V. Gnr.B6589
Davidson, R.M. Gnr.11th D B11289Hamilton
Davies, H.R. Gnr.43rd DF65751
Davies, R. Gnr.B11221
Davies, T.G. Gnr.B27082
Davis, F.J.A35290Guelph
Dawes, A.D. A35484Hespeler
Dawson, E.K. TSMB11001
Dawson, Ernest C.no number
Dawson, T.K. (R.) Gnr.16th D B11669August 14, 1944
De Hart, R.L.B11025
Dean, W.C. Gnr.43rd DB11331
Dean, W.C.L.B11351
Decardo, W.M.no numberGalt
Decarlo, W.E. no number
Decaro, W.E.SB38087
DeFinney, J.S. Gnr.11th D B147550
DeForest, H. Gnr.A35206Guelph/Acton
DeForest, H.D.A35506
Dehart, R.D. no numberToronto
Dehart, R.L. Bdr.B11025
Dennis, R. Gnr.43rd DB16511
Dennis, T.P. Gnr.43rd DK10229
Densmore, T.J. L/Bdr.A35302Guelph
Dent, R.W. Signm.43rd D.H102019
Dermo, L.A35277Guelph/Woodstock
Desroches, P.G. Gnr.16th D D106587August 14, 1944
Detlor/Dettlor, R.M. Sigmn 16th D L64301Regina, SK January 1, 1970
Dewar, C.R. Chuck L/Sjt.11th D B11173St. Catharines December 4, 1944
Dicker, E.C.no numberLondon
Dillon, A.R. Lt.
Dingman, William O.A35385Guelph
Disilvo, P.J. L/Bdr.B11078
Dix, John Charles Gnr.B11981Highland Park, MichiganJuly 22, 1944
Dix, W.A. Gnr.43rd D RHQB11501/B11510January 1, 1970
Dobbs, Joseph David Capt.11th D Died of Wounds 6-Jun-44
Dodds, D.A35487
Dodds, D.A35389
Dodds, D. Gnr.16th D A35489Guelph
Dodge, W.F. Gnr.43rd DB31543
Doidge, A.C. Bdr. B11111
Doling, A.W.B23889
Donaldson, W. Gnr.B11585
Donnelly, Alexander W. Gnr.11th D B11250
Donnelly, J. Gnr.B11246
Douglas, A. Gnr.B11689
Douglas, James A. Bdr. 43rd DA35362Guelph
Douglas, M.K. Lt. York Mills
Dowden, S.A. Gnr.11th D B11075
Dowden, Walter Roy L/Sgt.11th D B11194Brantford June 9, 1944
Doyle, J.no numberJanuary 1, 1970
Doyle, J.E. Gnr.43rd DB6223January 1, 1970
Doyle, J.F. Gnr.43rd DG24051Arthur January 1, 1970
Doyle, J.H. (Joe)A35238Guelph
Doyle, J.N.A35269Guelph
Drake, N.S.B11435
Drake, P.J. Gnr.B11165
Draycott, J.A.B11287
Draycott, T. no numberHamilton
Drew, J.W. no numberGalt
Driscol, R.E. Gnr.43rd DG3176
Drysdale, H.R.A.A35216Guelph
Drysdale, R. no numberGuelph
Drysdale, R.A. TSM43rd DA35216Guelph/Eden Mills
Drysdale, W.J. Gnr.B11010
Duchnicki, F. Gnr.16th DH67677
Duchniki, F. GnrH67677
Duffield, J.C. Capt.43rd D
Duffy, W. Sgt.43rd DE28511
Duguay, P.J. Gnr.43rd D RHQG52242
Dunkley, George Albert Gnr.11th D C6171Harold, ON Died of Wounds 14-Aug-44
Dunning, Sydney J. A35379Guelph
Dunphy, D.F. Gnr.16th D F5434
Duplessis, S.V. PteE28319August 14, 1944
Durand, ? Gnr.11th D B47520January 1, 1970
Durand, Joseph G. (J.) 43rd DA35232Guelph/London
Durant, J.G.no number
Durnford, C. (Cec)43rd DA35343Hespeler
Durno, W.R. L/SjtB47520
Dyer, C. no numberGuelph
Easby, Harold W.no numberClifford
Ede, F.J. Gnr.16th DB11927
Edgell, E. Sgt.B11139Cobourg
Edminston, D.E. no number
Edminston, W.J. (L.)A35372Priceville
Edmiston, D.E. L/Bdr.A35372Waterloo
Edmiston, W.L.no number
Edwards, G.B124515Hamilton
Elgie, Drew H. L/Bdr. 43rd DA35402Fergus
Elisuk, M.J. ?B16504 ?
Elizuk, M. Gnr. ?43rd DB6504 ?
Elke, E.E. Sgt.11th D P9932
Elkerton, GeorgeA35332Guelph
Elliott, R.B.A35256Guelph
Elliott, R.O. no number
Ellis, E.C. Gnr.B11322
Ellman, A.A. Gnr.43rd D RHQH67394June 6, 1944
Elmer, T.no number
Elsie, E.J. no numberToronto
Ely, E.H. no numberToronto
Ely, J.H. no numberToronto
Emmes, A.A. Gnr.43rd DB9854
Empson, S.B. Sigm.43rd DH38674
England, J. Gnr.A35501Lucknow
English, J.V. (G.) Bdr.A35181Guelph
English, W.S.B13637/B136373
Enright, M.E. Bdr.11th D B6590Kapuskasing
Essex, G.B. A35268Guelph
Essex, G.D.A35268Guelph
Etherington, L.W. Gnr.B11205
Ethier, R. Lt.
Evelyn, J.no number
Evers, Henry, A35363
Everson, Philip H. (R.J.)no number
Fairbarn, C.A. Gnr.11th D B11882
Fairbrother, W.W. Gnr.43rd D RHQB11061Sudbury
Falsetto, A.S. (F.) (Al) Gnr.16th D B37904Preston
Farah, Edward Joseph Capt. 11th D February 18, 1945
Farquharson, G. Sigmn43rd DA11868January 1, 1970
Farr, G.W. Capt.January 1, 1970
Farrand, William W.O. IIB11026November 27, 1942
Farrelly/Farrelley, K.R. Bdr. 16th DA35256Guelph
Farrelly, K.S. (Ralph) Bdr. A35246Guelph
Fell, W.J. L/Bdr.B11028
Ferguson, J. Gnr.43rd DA35218Guelph
Ferguson, J.S. Gnr.11th D A28502
Ferris, A.J. (Al) Pte.43rd DA35510St. Pauls
Fidler, F.W. Gnr.H10225
Field, W.H./H.W.11th D H5181
Finkelstein, W. E. Capt. (Dr.)43rd D RHQ
Finnie, Allan M. (Al) 43rd DA35457Woodstock/Preston
Firth, G.A. Gnr. 43rd DC159Hamilton
Fisher, C.R. Bdr.11th D B11180
Fisher, Garfield H.no numberKitchener
Fisher, P.A.no number Brantford
Fitchett, W.H.A35191Guelph
Fitzpatrick, J.C. A35176Guelph
Fiveland, H.W. Gnr.16th D M36281
Fleming, W.D.A35405Fergus
Fletcher, A. L/Sgt.11th D B11147
Fletcher, E.A. Gnr.B11017
Fleury, W.E. MajorToronto
Flood, L.T. (Leonard)A35424Owen Sound
Floyd, H.C. Gnr.43rd DC49172
Floyd, J. J. (John/Jack) Gnr.A35206/A35260Guelph
Forbes, J.A22127
Ford, A.R. (Art) L/Bdr.43rd DA35257Guelph/Acton
Ford, J.H16169Guelph
Ford, J.E.C.A35298Guelph
Ford, Norman J.A35524
Forde, J.H. L/Sgt.B11247
Forgues, P.E. Pte.43rd DD118409
Forsyth, W.A. Lt.
Forth, J.W. Capt.
Fossitt, E.H. Gnr.43rd DC101893July 21, 1944
Foster, A.A35524
Foster, A. Gnr.43rd D RHQB11917St. Catharines
Foster, Donald H.A105217Aylmer
Foster, J. Gnr.43rd DH35599
Fox, F.T. (Ted)A35271Guelph
Fox, G. (W.G.)no number
Fox, T.no number
Fox, William G. L/Bdr.A35420Guelph
France, H.M. Gnr.43rd DH66461
Frank, A.W.no numberTribune, SK
Fraser, Dawson S. A35442Toronto
Fraser, Dawson S. Bdr.A35433Toronto
Fraser, J. Gnr.11th D F87781
Fraser, R.L.A35266Eramosa
Frazer, W. Gnr.43rd DD135057
Frederickson, W.I. (L.)H18794
Freeman, G. no number Hamilton
Freeman, H.E. Gnr.16th D H87862August 14, 1944
French, C.P.A35509January 1, 1970
Frey, R.V. no number January 1, 1970
Frtich, Howard Gordon Gnr.11th D B11133Hamilton January 1, 1970Died of Wounds 21-Jul-44
Frost, D.G.K. Lt.Cambridge, England
Fry, H.G. Gnr.B11127
Fry, R.V. no numberToronto
Fryer, J.J. Gnr.43rd DB16503
Fujczak, M. Gnr.16th D M50616
Gallagher, O.J. Gnr. 16th D G23593North Bathurst, N.B.
Gamblin, G.A. Capt. Camp Gagetown, N.S.
Gammie, H.B. Gnr.43rd DA35281Guelph/Elora
Gammie, W.B. no number
Gammon, F. no number Niagara Falls
Gammon, F.W. Gnr.11th D B107583August 14, 1944
Ganton, Beverley Lorne Alexander Gnr.B11566August 14, 1944
Gard, G.no number
Garnett, W.H. Gnr.B11211
Garrick, D.V. Lt.
Garrish, F.M. Bdr. 16th D G5141Malton
Gatecliffe, J.N. Gnr.43rd DA28505Oil City
Geddes, D.A35521Guelph
Geddes, P. Gnr.B11964
Geick, J. Gnr.11th D C100787
George, Lloyd E.A35383Guelph
Gibson, H. Gnr.B11183Smithville
Gibson, H. Bdr.11th D B11283
Gilbert, A.T.P. Major
Gilbert, A.F.D. Major April 27, 1945
Gill, G.E. Gnr. 16th D B11894St. Catharines January 1, 1970
Gillies, Sidney A. Capt.June 8, 1944
Gillingham, G.H. Gnr.43rd DF10309January 1, 1970
Gilman, J.B16597January 1, 1970
Gingerich, L.A35447Baden
Gingerich, Oliver L. L/Bdr.A35447New Hamburg
Gladwin, G.H. 11th D B9983St. Catharines
Glass, J.W. Gnr.43rd DA28289Rockwood
Glazier, J. A35506Guelph
Glazier, Stanley J. A35342Guelph
Glover, E. (L.) Gnr.11th D L18407Glen Kerr, SK
Goddard, L.G. Gnr. 16th D B11341
Godin, A.C. no number Guelph
Godin, J.A. (J.E.)A35371Priceville
Godin, M. no number
Goguen, H. Gnr.11th D G49049August 14, 1944
Golbeck, G.M. Pte.11th D A70083January 1, 1970
Goldie, A.G. Major43rd DParis
Goldman, H.A.B142981
Gooch, William Frank Gnr.11th D B98059Hamilton July 26, 1944Died of Wounds 26/07/1944
Gordon, R.W. Sigm.43rd DF27358January 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Gordon, Ross R. BSMA35386Guelph
Gordon, Russellno number
Gormal, J. no number
Gormall, John Sgt.43rd DA35439Guelph
Gothard, Edwin C. Lt.43rd DJune 6, 1944
Goy, J.C.no number
Goy, John H. (Johnny) Bdr.43rd DA35435Acton
Graff, W.J. Lt.
Granka, Edward Bdr.11th D B11300Burlington
Granka, P. no number Brantford
Grant, D. Gnr.43rd DG63126
Grant, H.B11007
Grant, H.N. Gnr.B11943
Grant, W.H. Sgt.11th D B11007Hamilton
Gray, A. no number
Gray, D.A. L/Bdr43rd DA35318GuelphFebruary 19, 1945
Gray, J. no number January 1, 1970
Gray, W.A. (Bill)A35187Guelph/Toronto
Gray, William J. A35419Guelph
Green, D.D. Gnr.16th D B11949St. Joseph Island
Green, E.J. Gnr.43rd DM106549
Green, F.A. Gnr.B89482
Green, G.H. Gnr.L11030August 14, 1944
Greenwood, Allan Stanley Gnr.16th D P7529Lethbridge, ABSeptember 25, 1944
Greenwood, J.R. Gnr.B11245
Gregoire, J.R. Gnr.16th D L10736
Greig, R. Gnr.11th D H59785
Grenville, D.F. Gnr.11th D B11312
Grimwood, C.F. Sgt.43rd DA35283Guelph/Preston
Gristy, GilbertA35267Guelph
Gross, J. Major
Gross, J.W. Lt.43rd D
Groves, E.A. Gnr.B11072
Grummet, E. no number
Grummett, A.E. Gnr.B11176
Grummett, A.E. Gnr.11th D B11075
Grummett, E.B11175Brantford
Guest, J.H. Bdr.43rd DB11230Toronto
Guest, Thomas L. Gnr. 43rd D RHQA35387Guelph
Guilford, L.A. Gnr.16th D B11136Toronto February 11, 1945
Gunstone, G.W. L/BdrB88742Unknown date
Gunter, D. ZG726
Gunter, D.H. Lt.
Guson, A.no number
Guy, C. no number Toronto
Guy, C.W. L/Sgt.16th D B6672
Hadley, T.B. Gnr.43rd DF71792
Hadskis, F.D. no number Toronto
Haggerty, Alexander Gnr.B11932Hamilton April 17, 1944
Haggerty, James A. Gnr. One source incorrectly states "Haggarty" 11th DB38402Hamilton August 14, 1944
Haich, J. Gnr.43rd DB10127January 1, 1970
Haig, D.A. Gnr.16th D C120551January 1, 1970
Haigh, J.L.B10127Oshawa
Hair, W.P. Major 43rd D RHQToronto
Hales, J.A. L/Bdr.B11066London
Hall, Fred L.B44412
Hall, Herbert Gnr.43rd DA35486Toronto Died of Wounds 11-Sep-44
Hall, J. no numberGuelph January 1, 1970
Hall, J.G. Gnr.B11039January 1, 1970
Hall, J.W. L/Bdr.A35475Guelph
Hall, R.T.A35278Guelph
Hall, R.W. no number
Hall, W. B11025Hamilton
Hall, W. BSM16th D B11023August 14, 1944
Hamilton, E no numberJanuary 1, 1970
Hamilton, G. Gnr.43rd D RHQA28455/A38455Kitchener
Hamilton, R.no number
Hamilton, R.G. BSM16th D A35217Guelph
Hamilton, R.J. RSMA35219Guelph
Hammer, D.R. Gnr.B11034
Hanlan, H.A35507Guelph
Hanlon, J.H. no number Sault Ste. Marie
Harahaw, R.D. Gnr.B11945
Harper, W.D. Gnr.16th D/43rd D RHQF89240
Harrington, G.K. GnrF52199September 6, 1944
Harrison, H.A35370
Harrison, Howard H. (H.W.)A35370Priceville
Harrison, J.E. Lt.Aurora
Harrison, J.F. Lt.
Harrison, M. no number Hamilton
Harrison, W. no number
Harrison, W.H. Gnr.16th DA35370Priceville /St. Catharines
Harshaw, J.A. Lt.
Hart, G.S. Major
Hasler, Alfred George Sgt.A35183Guelph/Kitchener
Hasler, H.E. no number
Hasler, Herbert A. (Bert)A35192Guelph/Brantford
Hastings, R.J.D. Gnr.11th DB110330August 14, 1944
Hastings, T.C. Capt.
Haun, C. no number Toronto
Hauser, Rollin J. (Rollie)A35432Chesley
Hawken, G.
Hawley, M. Gnr.D137598Unknown date
Hawley, R.D. Gnr.16th D M10136422 Jul 44 - and - 20 Feb 45
Hay, A. Gnr.11th DB11321
Hay, J.A.G. Gnr.B11118
Hayes, Thomas A.A35345Guelph
Haynes, J.A. Gnr.11th DB11037
Hays, T.A.A35347Guelph
Hays, Thomas A. A35345Guelph
Hazzard, F.R. Cpl. 16th DM100807
Heacock, G.K. Lt.
Healey, Edward A. Sgt.11th DA35365Elora
Heber, F.B11320/B11326Toronto
Heeley, W.G. Gnr.43rd DA35491Guelph
Helwig, E. Gnr.A35189Guelph/Walkerton
Henderson, R.J. (R.J.A.)A35289Guelph
Hendry, GeorgeA35201Guelph
Hendry, P.A35466
Hendry, P. A35438Guelph
Hendry, Pat Gnr.A35483
Hendry, Peter (Pat) Sgt.16th D A35215GuelphAugust 14, 1944
Hetherington, E.G. Gnr.43rd DG5132
Hewer, R.C. Gnr.11th DA28516
Hewgill, R.A. Gnr.11th DB72096
Hewitson, C.W. (Chester) L/Sgt. 16th D A35425Guelph/Ariss
Hewitt, A.J.A27082
Hicks, M.E. Gnr.B6452
Hiebert, N.R. Capt.
Hiebert, R. Lt.43rd D RHQ
Hileman, G.L. Sgt.16th D M60717
Hill, C. Gnr.B11935
Hill, G.H. Gnr.43rd DK65774
Hillier, Walter J. Lt.February 21, 1945
Hillman, D.A35209Guelph
Hillman, D.H.no number
Hinds, G.no number
Hinds, George W. Sgt.A35185Guelph
Hinton, A.J. Gnr.B11093
Hinton, J. no numberBrantford
Hober, F.J. Gnr.B11320
Hoddle, R.H. no number
Hoddle, Reginald N. BQMS43rd DA35368Guelph / Kitchener
Hodge, Bruce Davidno numberActon
Hodgins, C.E.A28411
Hodgson, V. Gnr.16th D B11079
Hoffman, L.S. Gnr.B11285Hamilton
Hollingsworth, J. Gnr.B16514
Hollis, William R. (Bill) Bdr.A35245Guelph/Hamilton
Holman, F. (J) (U) Gnr.16th D M3494July 28, 1944
Holman, K.R. Gnr.B149210March 29, 1945
Holmes, (A.) (E.) Bdr.11th DB11126January 1, 1970
Holyoake, F.A. Bdr.A35231Guelph/Ottawa
Hooper, E.J. no number Toronto
Hooper, Edward John Capt.February 28, 1945
Hornibrook, J. A. Lt-Col.
Horsley, R.E. Gnr.43rs DC10103
Hoskins, H.V. Gnr.16th DD118793
Houser, W.E.A35297Guelph
Houser, W.O. Sgt.43rd DA35297Guelph
Howard, A.R. Gnr.43rd DH67368
Howard, James A. A35335/A35336Acton
Howe, C.H. Gnr.B8861
Howe, D.S. Gnr.16th DA33209
Howes, James W. A35331Guelph/Fergus
Howitt, D.H. no number Johannesburg, S. Africa
Howitt, H.D. Lt.
Huard, J.A.A35235
Huard, J.R.no number
Hubbs, Herbert D. Capt.July 4, 1944
Hughes, Maurice James (S.) Cpl.16th DF26373Charlottetown, PEIMay 2, 1945
Hughes, S.G. Gnr.11th DB11112Hamilton January 1, 1970
Hugonnet, G.W. Gnr.16th D A28511July 4, 1944
Hungerford, Richard B. Lt.Guelph
Hunter, A.G.A35183Guelph
Hurl, A.E. A35452
Hurl, A.F. (Art)A35450Guelph
Hurst, C. L/Sgt.43rd DA38298
Hurst, George Sgt. A28290Guelph
Hutchings, W.C. Gnr.11th DB11283April 20, 1945
Hutton, J.R. Gnr.11th DB11201Brantford January 1, 1970
Hyslop, R.S. Gnr.43rd DG53622January 1, 1970
Imber, J.M. Gnr.11th DU1838
Inch, G.T. Col. Hamilton
Ingleby, S.K. GnrL112February 27, 1945
Ingran, S.H.B16530January 1, 1970
Innes, Donald George Capt.Toronto April 21, 1945
Irish, H.W.B11049
Jackson, A. Gnr.11th DB11067Brantford
Jackson, A.F. Gnr.43rd DA35515Guelph
Jackson, E.W. L/Bdr.43rd DB11098
Jackson, J.B. Sigm.43rd DG16065
Jackson, O.A. no number Brantford
Jarvin, C.D. Gnr.43rd D RHQH92401Brandon, MN
Jarvis, Charles Nicholson Gnr.A34906Brampton, ON August 30, 1943
Jarvis, T.E. Lt.43rd DToronto
Jennings, J. Bdr.A28295Guelph
Johnes, H.G. Bdr.16th D A35488
Johnman, A.no number
Johnman, G.H.B. Gnr.16th D A35319Guelph/Galt
Johnman, John P. Gnr.16th D A35316Guelph/Galt
Johns, E. Gnr.11th DB11235St. George
Johns, L.S. Gnr.B6562
Johnson, A. no number
Johnson, Alfred H. Gnr.see Johnston A35443New Toronto
Johnson, C.A. Gnr.16th DB11123
Johnson, C.E.no numberBinscarth, MN
Johnson, H.S. Gnr.L64667September 6, 1944
Johnson, James H. A35344Guelph
Johnson, L.L. Sgt. B11234
Johnson, R.H. Gnr.B11152
Johnson, W.R. Gnr.43rd DA28417
Johnston, A. no number
Johnston, Alfred H.43rd D RHQ / 11th DA35443New Toronto
Johnston, J.H. Gnr.43rd DB11190/B21190
Johnston, R.H.A31302
Johnston, R.W. A28496
Johnston, W.R. (Roy)A28417Camp Borden
Jones, C. GnrG3687/C3687February 21, 1945
Jones, D.J.M. Gnr.43rd DH5021Guelph January 1, 1970
Jones, G. G3687/C3687January 1, 1970
Jones, G. no numberGuelph January 1, 1970
Jones, H.G. Bdr.A35488GuelphJuly 29, 1944
Jones, H.H. Gnr.11th DA28300July 5, 1944
Jones, J.D. Bdr.16th D A35222GuelphAugust 14, 1944
Jones, J.E. Gnr.11th DF5538
Jones, Kenneth (band member)no number
Jones, William K.A35456Woodstock
Jones, William K. Bdr.A35348/A35458Woodstock
Joseph, W.no number
Joseph, W.A86092Kitchener
Kaldestad, S.M. Gnr.43rd DM101068
Kaye, R.A. Gnr.43rd DG53725
Kearns. A.N. Lt.Guelph
Kearns, P. no number Preston
Kearns, W.D. L/Bdr43rd DA35228GuelphApril 10, 1945
Keefler, R.H. Maj-Gen.Montreal, PQ
Keenan, J. (John)A35259Guelph
Keenan, W.J.no number
Keleher, J.J. (John/ Jack)A35179Guelph
Kelly, D.H. Gnr.43rd D RHQD124626
Kelly, J.A. Gnr.43rd DF15202
Kelly, J.M. Gnr.43rd DM36642March 27, 1945
Kelly, James M. Gnr.16th D H69614Scarth, MB Presumed Killed 14-Aug-44
Kelly, M.C. Gnr.43rd DM35625January 1, 1970
Kelly, R.A. Gnr. 43rd DM36641January 1, 1970
Keenan, J. no numberBurlington January 1, 1970
Kennedy, M.J. (Max) Gnr.16th D A35210/A35370Guelph
Kenneson, G. Gnr.43rd DD132361
Kenny, P. L/Bdr.A35293Guelph/Action
Kerr, J. no number
Kerr, J. B16513
Kerr, W.J. A35479
Kibler, John Frederick Major ListowelDied of Wounds 12-Feb-45
Killip, W.E. Gnr.16th D H60208January 1, 1970
King, A.J. Gnr.B11327January 1, 1970
King, Alfred Elgin (Alfie) Sgt. 43rd DA35312Guelph
King, J. no number
King, J.V.no number Toronto
King, John Richard (Jack) L/Bdr.43rd DA35394Guelph
Kingscote, A.A. Capt. (Dr.) Guelph
Kirby, H.L. Gnr16th D B11891St. Catharines July 22, 1944
Kirkpatrick, J.P. no numberSt. Catharines January 1, 1970
Kirkpatrick, J.V. Gnr.43rd DB11893January 1, 1970
Kirkpatrick, J.W.no number St. Catharines January 1, 1970
Kirkpatrick, L.F. Capt.Halifax, NS
Kizack, A. Gnr. Surnames "Kizack" and "Kizak" and service number H67133 found in some sources are incorrect. We have used the surname "Kozack" cited in Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Library and Archives Canada data H67133October 11, 1944
Klement, J.L. GnrL110188March 23, 1945
Klokoff, N. Gnr.B11114January 1, 1970
Klos, Boleslaw W. Per obituary, July 1980, surname is "Klos" and not Boleslaw as cited in some sources A35441/A35442Galt
Kly, E.H. Lt.
Knight, G.H. Gnr.F77078July 23, 1944
Knowles, George Gnr.A35500Arthur
Knowles, T.G. Bdr.11th DB11265
Knowles, W.C. Gnr.11th DB11164/B11264Brantford
Knuth, H.J. no number Napanee
Kolybaba, S. Gnr.43rd D RHQK73721
Korr, J.no numberHamilton
Kostal, Joseph W. A35288Guelph
Kostel, J.W no number
Kozack, Alexander Gnr.H67144Rossburn, MB October 11, 1944
Krause, Frederick W. Capt..June 8, 1944
Kukulski, S. BSM11th DB11042Brantford
Kyle, Lloyd H. A35440/A35448Guelph
LaChapelle, J.K. Pte.16th DM28271August 14, 1944
LaCouvee, P.A. Gnr.16th D E6280
Lacouvee, Paulno numberGaspe, PQ
Lade, L.E. Gnr.11th DB83266
Lafferty, J.D. Lt.
La Monte, J.no number
Lambert, P.D. Gnr.11th DB11316Brantford
Lamonte, I.A.A35219
Lamonte. J.no number
Lamonte, L.A. no number
Lampman J. (S.) (E.) Gnr.43rd D RHQA4392London
Lane, D.L. Gnr.11th DB11290Hamilton
Lane, F.E. Bdr.11th DB6588
Lang, H. no number Hamilton
Langford, Edward V. (Ed) Gnr.43rd DA35303Guelph
Latour, G. Gnr.11th DD13077
Lautenschlager, James Edward (Ed) Sgt.A35235London
Lautenschlager, S.J. no number
Lavigne, H. Gnr.43rd DG52243
Law, D.A.B127554Hamilton
Lawless, J. Frank Bdr.A35464Langdon
Lawrence, A.G. Gnr.16th D B11934
Lawrence, E.no number
Lawrence, P.L.D125042
Lawson, A.R.A35481
Laycox, R.S. Gnr.B11337
Leader, Fred W. Gnr. A35254Guelph
Leader, R.no number
Leader, RoyA35247Guelph
Leader, Victor O. Sgt.A35327Guelph
Leaning, John Alfred Sgt.43rd DA35337GuelphApril 24, 1945
LeClair, L.P. Bdr,11th DB11980August 14, 1944
Ledingham J.B. B11942Toronto January 1, 1970
Lee, A.B. Sgt.B11011Cayuga January 1, 1970
Lee, E.W. no number Scarborough January 1, 1970
Lee, H.B Bdr.B11024January 1, 1970
Lee, J.C. Gnr.A28225
Lee, R.L. L/Bdr.B6769
Lehman, Leo M. A35199Guelph
Leighton, Roy William Gnr.F95096Wentworth Creek, N.S.October 11, 1944
Leiper, W. no number Toronto January 1, 1970
Leonard, M.J. no number Toronto January 1, 1970
Lepoidevin, O.T. Gnr. 16th D D132579January 1, 1970
Leslie, F.C. Gnr.11th DB21609January 1, 1970
LeSueur, Richard E. Capt.43rd DMarch 30, 1945
Lewis, E.K. Capt.43rd D RHQ / 11th D
Lewis, H.K. Gnr.B137501April 20, 1945
Liddicoat, E.C. Gnr.43rd DB91879
Lighterness, L.M. Gnr.16th D C402
Lind, Eldon R. L/Bdr43rd DM100277Bulwark, AB March 1, 1945
Lindsay, G. Gnr.B11016January 1, 1970
Liston, J.E. Gnr.11th DC9337December 4, 1944
Livesey, William Richard L/Sgt.16th D A34912WoodstockOctober 13, 1944
Liveslee/Liveslew, E.H. Sigm43rd DL27019January 1, 1970
Lloyd, George F. Sgt.43rd DA35383Durham
Lloyd, J.no number
Lloyd, M. no numberNapanee
Lonsdale, T.L. Gnr.43rd D RHQM56152
Lord, W.C. BQMS11th DB11181
Lortie, L.F. (Leo)A35446St. Thomas
Lloyd, M. no number
Loth, J. no number
Loth, John L. L/Sgt.43rd DA35367Kitchener/Waterloo
Lovell, H.E. Gnr.B11202Brantford
Low, William Sgt.16th D B11171Brantford August 14, 1944
Lucas, G.S. Gnr.B11902
Luck, G.A. Gnr.43rd DC372
Ludwig, R. no number
Ludwig, R.V.A35453Kitchener
Ludwig, Roy Frank Gnr.43rd DA35454Kitchener June 9, 1944
Lush, C.G. Gnr. 43rd DB47429
Lyle, A.J.H95436
Lynch, R. no number Peterborough
Macdonald, H.D. Gnr.11th DK9089
MacDougall, D.A.A35408London
MacEachern, I.A.A35477
MacGillivray, C.A. Lt.
MacIntosh, K.B.A35350Guelph
MacIntyre, W. Gnr.11th DB16508
Mackie, Elwood Bruce Gnr.16th D H100943Died of Wounds 15-Aug-44
Mackie, R.J. Gnr.43rd DH92385January 1, 1970
Mackie, Victor J. Gnr.43rd DH54861Kenora Died of Wounds 22-Jul-44
MacLennan, C.W. Gnr.16th D F5300
MacMullen, D.no number Ayr
Madden, W.H. no number Galt
Magner, W.O. Gnr.43rd DA35211GuelphJune 9, 1944
Mair, G. no number Toronto January 1, 1970
Mair, J.S. Gnr.43rd DA28308/A28303
Major, J. Bdr.16th D P4649February 21, 1945
Mallon, A. Gnr.11th DB11332January 1, 1970
Malshinger, E. Supvsr
Mann, W.A. Sgt.A28306Fergus
Mantel, R. Gnr.B11109
Marcello, Louis S. A35410Guelph
Marnock, C. no number Toronto
Marriner, L.F. Gnr.43rd DB88159Orangeville
Marriot, Vernon A35452/A35457Guelph
Marriott, Vernon Bdr.A35459Guelph
Marshal, P. no number
Marshall, F.M. L/Sgt.B11084
Marshall, F.N. no number Orillia
Marshall, J.P. (Philip) Gnr.A35355Guelph
Marshall, J.P. Gnr. B16512
Marshall, P. no number Guelph
Martin, E.W. Sign.43rd DF26408
Martin, L.J.A35265Guelph
Martin, L.T. L/Sgt.43rd DA35265Owen Sound
Martin, W.A. Gnr.B11908
Martin, W.H. no number Hamilton
Martineau, C.F. Lt.
Mathes, J. Gnr.11th DB11113Hamilton
Mathews, J.D.no number Brantford
Matin, W.H. Gnr.16th D B11909
Mattice, T.E. Gnr.B11167Brantford
Mawn, W.A. Bdr.43rd DA28306
May, David Arthur Capt.Nipawin, Sask.27-Feb-43 - Tunisia
Mayer, A.J. Gnr.B11339January 1, 1970
McAllister, J. Sgt.43rd D RHQ / 11th DA35294GuelphJanuary 1, 1970
McAllister, W.A. Gnr.16th D L35190GuelphAugust 14, 1944
McAllister, S.W. Gnr.43rd DA34915January 1, 1970
McBain, ?A35505
McBain, C.G. Gnr.16th D A35502Guelph
McCallum, W. Gnr.11th DB11081Hamilton
McCann, J.K. Gnr.B11233
McCarron, F. Gnr.B11015
McCarter, D.E. no number
McCaw, L.M. Gnr43rd DA28606September 6, 1944
McCaw, M. no numberPort Elgin January 1, 1970
McCaw, T.J. no number Brantford January 1, 1970
McClelland, G.M. Gnr.L66251June 9, 1944
McClintock, T. Gnr.43rd DD7__1 / D7351?January 1, 1970
McCluskey, J.J. no number Hamilton January 1, 1970
McConkey, O.M. “Mac” Major (Dr.) Elora
McCoy, H.A. Gnr.11th DB11967/B11957
McDonnell, W. Lt.11th D
McDougall, D.A A35408Crumlin, ON
McDowell, R.A. Gnr.43rd DB11547St. Catharines
McEwan, C ? Gnr. 43rd DB11251
McFadyen, D.no number
McFarlane, A.A. L/Sgt.B11199Brantford
McFarlane, W.A. Gnr.43rd DB111581
McFeely, H.W. Gnr.43rd DD95734
McGahey, C.A. Gnr.43rd DA28609
McGaw, T.J. Gnr.B11218
McGill, J. no number
McGill. JamesA35255Guelph
McGill, JamesA35241Guelph
McGilvary, J. Gnr11th DB8100October 12, 1944
McGinn, L.J. Gnr.11th DC10075January 1, 1970
McGinnis, C. no number January 1, 1970
McGinnis, C.N. Bdr.A35388AjaxJanuary 1, 1970
McGinnis, J.no number January 1, 1970
McGinnis, J.H. (John)A35374Priceville
McGinnis, J.W.no number
McGinnis, R.E. (Scoop) Gnr.A35272Guelph
McGlynn, John F. L/Bdr.A35403Clifford/Detroit
McGowan, J.A. Gnr.43rd DH67667
McGratten, D. (O.) no number
McGratton, J.B11053
McGregor, D.B.B11266
McGuigan, N. no number Scarborough
McGuigan, N.W. (S.) Gnr. 43rd DA35512
McHenry, T.E. L/Sgt.11th DB6024
McIlreavey, Joseph L/Sgt11th DB11124Londonderry, N. IrelandOctober 11, 1944
McIlwraith, W. no number Guelph January 1, 1970
McIntosh, G.no number
McIntosh, G.R. Gnr.16th D A105844
McIntosh, R.M.A35223
McIntyre, C.H. Gnr.11th DB22021
McIntyre, J.G. Gnr.11th DH60098
McIntyre, W. Gnr.B16508Hamilton
McKenna, Leo Donald Capt. 11th DOttawa July 4, 1944
McKenzie, A.G. L/Bdr43rd DL244September 26, 1944
McKenzie, R.R. Gnr.43rd DM3824January 1, 1970
McLatchy, F.H.A35205Guelph
McLaughlin, A.C. (A.G.) Gnr.16th DA35325Guelph/Hespeler Unknown date
McLaughlin, Bruce Gnr.16th D B85416Hespeler August 14, 1944
McLean, D.C. Capt.
McLennan, C.W.no number
McLennan, E.D. Gnr.43rd DH103932
McLennan, L.V. Gnr.B11267
McMinn, W.E. Gnr.11th DB98032
McPhee, C.P. L/Cpl.43rd DC16052
McPhee, J.D. Sgmn. 16th D. G16050
McPherson, N.J. Gnr.B9675December 2, 1944
McSherry, B.J. Lt. (Dr.)Guelph
McTaegue, J.J. Gnr.43rd DC26327
McTavish, R.M. Bdr.43rd DA35223Guelph/Kelowna. BC
Medley, R.B. Gnr. 16th D B143539Hamilton
Melish, N. no number Caledonia
Mellish, J. Gnr.43rd DB11206
Mercer, William T. L/Sgt11th DB11232Victoria, BCJuly 5, 1944
Merchant, R.B.B11913
Meyer, A.J. Gnr.B11339August 14, 1944
Meyer, L.S. Sgt.A35251Guelph
Middlemiss, S. (Stan) L/Bdr.16th D / 43rd D RHQA35276Guelph/Fergus
Middlemiss, W.J.L27803Loreburn, SK
Millar, M.W.B4540
Miller, A.H. Cpl.43rd DL27159
Miller, A.N. Gnr.11th DB11165/B11185
Miller, W.L. Gnr.B11970
Minnes, W.E.A35454/A35455Hamilton
Minnesley, W.E.no numberHamilton
Miron, S.B11951
Miskimins, W.R. no number Toronto
Misner, C.H. Gnr.F21336
Mitchell, I. Gnr.43rd D H29032
Mitchell, J. Gnr.43rd D H66419
Mitchell, J.M. no number Lambeth
Mitchell, J.V. Sigm.43rd DF26533
Mitchell, James M. (Jim) L/Bdr16th D A35525Guelph
Moffat, G.A. Bdr.B11159Caledonia
Mokler, F.J. Gnr.16th D A104047
Moon, E.O. no number
Moon, F.O. Bdr.A35460Fergus
Moon, R.no number
Moon, R.H. L/Sgt.16th D A35220Gue
Moon, R.W. (Roy)A35220Guelph
Moore, E.L.P. Lt.
Moore, E.N. Gnr.B_____
Moore, E.W.B11962
Moore, J.J. Gnr.B11972
Moore, R.W.A35472Preston
Moore, S.A. Gnr.43rd D H69769August 8, 1944
Morgan, D. Gnr.B11244
Morrell, G.L. Gnr.43rd DA34903
Morris, T.A. Gnr.B11315Hamilton
Morison, Herbert Cecil James Major "Morison" is the correct spelling per Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Library and Archives Canada data Winnipeg, MBFebruary 8, 1945
Morrison, W.F. Sgt.B11160January 1, 1970
Moss, D.A. L/Bdr.A35471
Moss, F. no number
Moss, Francis E. Gnr.A35415Galt/Shilo, MN
Mothersell, Kelly G. Gnr.43rd D A35346Owen Sound/Brantford
Mottram, L.E. Capt.
Moulins, Joseph Paul Gnr.43rd D F32514Westmont North, NSApril 21, 1945
Mueller, Arthur J. Gnr.A56715Kitchener April 21, 1945
Mulholland, E.W. Gnr.11th DH54807/M54807Unknown date
Muller, Hiram H.no number
Mulligan, H.A. Gnr.B11048Brantford
Mullin, J. Gnr.16th D F35046
Mundell, G.H. Gnr.43rd DH195530
Munro, R.A.A28304Galt
Murray, J. GnrH102968August 14, 1944
Murtha, James Fergus Gnr.16th D B114783Downeyville, ON August 14, 1944
Mustard, C.A. Lt.Toronto January 1, 1970
Musty, W.C. Gnr.43rd DA28492Listowel January 1, 1970
Naismith, John/Jack (Chick) Gnr.16th D A35480Guelph
Nash, E.J. (H.J.)A35252Guelph
Nash, E.J. L/Sgt.A35470
Nash, H.J.no number
Neeb, E.A105241
Neff, B.A. Sgt.11th DL18321June 23, 1944
Neilson, Capt.Camp Shilo, MN January 1, 1970
Neis, P.J. L/Bdr. 16th D M622January 1, 1970
Nelson, A.P. no numberGlentworth, SKJanuary 1, 1970
Neskar, E.C. Gnr.16th DH101526January 1, 1970
Niblock, D.S.no number January 1, 1970
Nice, J.F.B146656Toronto
Nicholle, H.A. Gnr.B11284
Nickerson, C.D. Gnr. F68909
Nickson, E.C. Sgt.E28524May 2, 1945
Ninnes(s), J. Bdr.11th DB11915
Nixon, Melvin H. (H.M.)A35366Fergus
Nixon, William Benjamin Major 11th DSooke, B.C.June 8, 194427-Feb-45 with 4th Cdn Fd Regt
Noakes, W.J. L/Sgt.43rd D RHQC10241
Nordish, T.J.no number
Nordish, W.G. (Nornnish?)A35305 ?
Norman, H.L. Gnr16th D H82004June 18, 1944
Nornish, T.J. (Nornnish?)no number
Norris, Ernest E. (Ernie) L/Bdr 16th D A35422GuelphJune 12, 1944
Norris, John L. (I.) Gnr. 43rd DA35389Guelph
Norris, R.J. Gnr.43rd D G7144
Norrish, H. no number Guelph
Norrish, T.G.A35310
Norrish, T.J. (Tilly) Bdr.16th D A35310Guelph
Norrish, W.G.A35305Guelph
North, A. no number Guelph
North, A.C. no number
Norton, R. no numberRocanville, SK
Norton, R.M. Gnr.16th D. L64668
Nott, William A.A35182Guelph
Noyes, A.R. Gnr.B11323
Nuttley, Charles H. Gnr.43rd D A35357Orangeville/Alton
Nuttley, J.H. no number
O'Brien, C.E. Gnr.16th D G5146
O'Brien, R.H. no number Toronto
O'Coin, J.L. Gnr.43rd D C9552
O'Conner, P.no number
O'Connor, J. no number
O'Connor, P. Gnr.B85110Brantford
O'Donnell, W.J. Gnr.11th DG3819
O’Krafka, John A. A35354Guelph/Hespeler
O'Neal/O'Neil, James S.A35445
O'Neil, Oscar (band member)no number
O'Shae, T. no number Kitchener
O'Shea, T. Major
O'Shea, T.P. Gnr.16th D A35492
Oberg, L. Gnr.43rd D L74459
Oland, P.W. Capt
Oliver, A.F. (Luke) Gnr.16th D A35309GuelphAugust 14, 1944
Oliver, G.no numberCrawley, Sussex, England January 1, 1970
Oliver, George W. A35349HespelerJanuary 1, 1970
Oliver, George W. Bdr.A35344Hespeler
Oliver, H.M. (Harold) L/Bdr. A35333Guelph
Olson, H.R. Gnr.43rd D RHQM59128
Olson, N. Gnr.11th DM66553
Opalchuk, S. Gnr.11th DB11279Hamilton
Owen, J.C. Gnr.11th DB11268Hamilton
Owen, R.A. Gnr16th D B11080Hamilton August 14, 1944
Paeti, H.E. no number January 1, 1970
Paetz, H.E. Gnr16th D A35240Guelph/Kitchener August 14, 1944
Panther, M.E. no number St. Thomas January 1, 1970
Parenteau, V. Gnr.11th DL58712January 1, 1970
Parker, J.A. Gnr.43rd D B32655January 1, 1970
Parker-Jarvis, A.V. Lt.
Parris, G. Gnr.43rd D F87411Shearwater Naval Base, Halifax
Pate, R.W. Gnr.B11449
Paton, James G. Gnr.L11202September 25, 1944
Paton, R.B11161Hamilton
Patrick, B.A.A35282Guelph
Patrick, N. L/Bdr.43rd D RHQA35428Guelph/Acton
Patrick, R.N.A35428Guelph
Patterson, W.B11441
Patterson, W.J. Gnr.43rd D B11441
Patton, R.no number
Pauling, M. no numberPetrolia
Pauling, W. Gnr.43rd D A28489
Paylor, F.E. Band member no number
Peach, Thomas E. Lt.April 7, 1945
Peal, W.H. Gnr.11th DB98113/B98133Acton/London July 18, 1944
Pearse, R. Padre January 1, 1970
Pearson, George L/Sgt.A35421/A35424Guelph
Peat, L.W. Lt.43rd D Chatham
Peats, D.N.A28607
Pedro, D.J. no number Brantford
Pens, A.B. Capt.
Perrty, William R. A35313
Perry, P.O.J. Gnr.C1535February 21, 1945
Perry, William no number
Perry, William R. A35313Guelph
Perry, William R. L/Bdr.A35285Guelph
Pettigrew, A.R.A35448Guelph
Pettigrew, R. no number
Philips, W.A. Gnr.16th DM100235
Phillips, N.G.L. Gnr.16th D K76868September 6, 1944
Phin, J.P. Lt-Col.Hamilton
Phipps, C.H. Gnr.16th D H67135
Pickering, Edward Major43rd D RHQJune 6, 1944
Piotto, S.J. B800847January 1, 1970
Piotto, Steveno numberJanuary 1, 1970
Pitkeathley, (C.) (G.) L/Bdr.11th DB11191January 1, 1970
Pitman, O. (Osbert) Gnr.16th D A35337/A35339Acton
Pittman, O.A35337/A35339
Plumstead, H.A. Gnr.11th DB11036Paris
Poley, Harold E. Gnr.B16509Hamilton December 22, 1944
Politi, A.R. no number TorontoJanuary 1, 1970
Politi, R.A. (Peter)B11178
Polupski, P.K. Gnr.16th D L102081August 14, 1944
Pope, K.J. Gnr.43rd DF51821January 1, 1970
Porter, Leslie H. Bdr.43rdF89568Oak Ridges
Price, G.A. T/BSM43rd DA35264GuelphSeptember 19, 1944
Price, Norman A. Bdr.43rd DA35258Guelph/Acton
Priestly, F.D. Lt.
Prine, Henry A. A35351Guelph/Elora
Prior, K. L/Bdr.43rd DA35508Guelph
Proctor, G.F. no number Owen Sound
Proctor, Grantno number
Pruden, M. Gnr11th DL102326July 21, 1944
Punter, G.A. Gnr.B11149Brantford January 1, 1970
Purdy, D.S. Gnr.B63686January 1, 1970
Purkis, S. no number PrestonJanuary 1, 1970
Purkis, S.A. L/Sjt.43rd DA35314Guelph
Purves, D.F. (Frank)A35304Guelph
Purves, D.H. Sgt.16th DA35358
Purves, D.H. Sgt. 16th D Brockville
Purves, F. no number Guelph
Purvis, Douglas H. Sgt.43rd D RHQA35358Guelph
Purvis, F. no number
Quinn, J.D. Gnr.16th D C9865Peterborough
Quinn, V.M. Cpl.11th DL22057
Radigan, E.J. Lt. Windsor
Randall, J.J. no number
Randall, J.J. BQMS K92001
Rankine, A.S. Bdr.A35295Guelph
Rassi, T. no number Toronto
Rassmussin, D.H. B11926
Ratcliffe, J.no numberCdn Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands
Ratcliffe, J.P. (Jack) Sgt.43rd DA35193/A35194GuelphJune 9, 1944
Ratcliffe, L. (Louis) (Lou) Sgt.A35193/A35194Guelph
Rawn, Alvin J.A35___Mount Forest/Guelph
Rawson, J. The name "Rawson, J." found in one source is incorrect. We have used the name Rawson, Nelson Ernest cited in Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Library and Archives Canada data no number
Rawson, Nelson Ernest L/Sgt.A35348June 26, 1941
Ray, K.D. (Kenneth)A35323Guelph
Raycraft, F.E. Gnr.A28440
Rayner, T.O.A35330Guelph
Read, G.V. Bdr.11th DB11100
Reed, J.D. no number Guelph/Toronto
Reed, M.L. Gnr.43rd DL10796
Rees, R. Gnr.B11134
Reeve, B.H. L/Bdr.43rd DA35253Guelph
Reid, D.D. Gnr.43rd D B11948Rexdale
Reid, Gordon A. L/Sgt.A35413Fergus
Reid, Joseph L. (Joe)A35175Guelph/St. Catharines
Reid, L. no number Toronto
Reidy, G.J. Gnr.B11054
Reifferscheid, M.N. GnrK48696April 20, 1945
Rejesky, C.R. Gnr.A38061January 1, 1970
Renwick, D.R. no number January 1, 1970
Rice, Kenneth Melvin Gnr.L10399September 6, 1944
Richardson, G.W. (H.) Bdr. 16th D A35284Guelph
Richardson, K.no number
Richmond, M.J.A106818
Riddle, J.M.A35369Priceville
Ried, J.L.no number
Riley, Victor W. L/Bdr.16th D A35436Guelph
Rishuag, H. Gnr.43rd DM102273
Risidore, L.B. Gnr.11th DB11021Hamilton July 20, 1944
Ritchie, G.H. Gnr.16th D A35178GuelphAugust 14, 1944
Ritchie, G.W. no number January 1, 1970
Ritchie, L.A.A35197Guelph/Weston
Rivat, C.P. no number
Rivaz, Charles Percy Capt.43rd DGuelphJune 11, 1944
Rivers, R.A. Gnr.11th DA28438January 1, 1970
Robb, R. L/Bdr.16th D B11064Hamilton January 1, 1970
Robbins, C.J. Sigmn 11th DB100589Missing 14-Aug-44
Robbins, F.no number
Robbins, F.T. no number Brantford
Roberts, H.W. Gnr.11th DB23881Binbrook January 1, 1970
Roberts, J.L. Gnr.16th D D131001Binbrook August 14, 1944
Robertson, George Morrison Archibald Gnr.43rd DA35519Fergus Died of Wounds 5-Jul-44
Robins, F.T. Gnr.B11174January 1, 1970
Robins, Walter Raymond Gnr.11th DB11909TorontoJanuary 1, 1970September 27, 1944
Robinsom, E.E. Gnr.B6933January 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Robinson, J.S. Gnr.L101323August 14, 1944
Robus, A.T.B11095
Robus, F. no number Brantford
Rockwell, K.R. A28458January 1, 1970
Rockwell, K.R. Lt.
Rodgerson, C.F. Gnr.B6960
Rodway, S.A. Lt.
Rogers, F. (Buck)A35458/A35468Guelph
Rogers, Fredrick H. (Buck) Gnr.16th D A28458
Rogers, J.A. no number Hillsburgh
Rogers, W.T.A35516
Rogerson, C F.11th DB6930
Rollings, E. Bdr.B11140Coburg
Romano, D.P. no number Downsview
Rorke, A. no number
Rorke, A.R. Gnr.16th DL74673Rockhaven, SK
Rose, F.C. Gnr.43rd DA35491
Ross, John David, Major June 6, 1944January 1, 1970
Ross, W.K. Gnr.B6425January 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Rotkop, M. Pte. 43rd DB72455January 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Round, H.no numberGuelph
Round, HenryA35248Guelph
Rowan, N.L. no number Toronto
Ruck, Rudolph Bdr.H35287Winnipeg, MB Died of Wounds 4-Apr-45
Ruiter, G.F. Bdr. 43rd DA35273Guelph
Ruiter, R. no number
Russel, F.H. A35516/A35517
Russel / Russell, R.D. Gnr.43rd DC26327
Russell, C.L. (Charles)16th D B113621Toronto
Russell, F.H. no numberLachine, PQ
Russell, Fred H.A35517
Russell, M (N.) E. Bdr.A35263Guelph
Russell, R.B11903
Ryder, J.H. L/Sgt.B11144
Ryerson, A.C. Capt.
Rymal, H.E. Gnr.B11018Hamilton
Sabo, E. Bdr.B11091
Sabo, J.A. Gnr.11th DB11327/B11237
Sabo, Z. Gnr.11th DB11239
Sadler, J.M. Gnr.43rd DB112108
Salemo, L.P. L/Sgt.16th D B11187Hamilton
Salerno, S.B11187
Samuel, A.H. L/Bdr.11th DB11157August 14, 1944
Samuel, James Crorkin Sgt.B11158Caledonia November 28, 1942
Sanders/Sauders, H.E. Sgt. no number
Sanderson, H.S. Capt.
Sanderson, R. Capt. 43rd D
Sandhurst, P.A.L. Lt.
Sankey, Charles W. S/Sgt.43rd D RHQ / 11th DA35307GuelphJune 24, 1945
Sankey, D.W. S/Sgt.43rd D RHQB11217
Saul, G.H.no number Elgin Mills
Saunders/Sanders, H.E. Sgt. no number
Sawyer, W.H.no lr1874065
Schmidt, Jerome A. A35418Preston
Schofield, N. L/Sgt11th DB11156Caledonia August 14, 1944
Schofield, William (Billy)A35348Guelph
Schols, J. Gnr.16th D L100657September 6, 1944
Schoonover, E.I. Sigm.43rd DM11703January 1, 1970
Schwartzentruber, G.B.A35315Guelph
Schweir, G.R. Gnr.C1186August 14, 1944
Scott, Arland Kenneth Gnr.11th DH35621Donemana, N. IrelandDied of Wounds 8-Jun-44
Scott, J.M. no number BurlingtonJanuary 1, 1970
Scovil, (Arch Deacon) no number January 1, 1970
Scribner, L.G. Capt. / Adjt. 43rd D RHQ
Seefried, H. J. Gnr43rd DM100125June 9, 1944
Seryanko, A.P. Gnr.43rd D RHQL18422January 1, 1970
Sewell, F. no numberBuffalo, N.Y. January 1, 1970
Sewell, F.W. Gnr.A35299GuelphAugust 14, 1944
Shappka, G. Gnr.43rd DM101921January 1, 1970
Sharpe, A.W. Gnr.16th D A35413/A35513
Sharples, F.W.A35425/A35426Guelph
Sharples, Henry J. (Harry) Gnr.16th D A35423GuelphDied of Wounds 17-Aug-44
Shaw, A. (Herbert) Sgt16th DB11189Bronte January 1, 1970
Shearer, J.J. Sgt. 16th D K16069Richmond, Vancouver, B.C. January 1, 1970
Shepherd, D.F. (Fred)A35324Guelph
Shepherd, F. Gnr.43rd DL18559
Sheppard, F. no number Hespeler
Shewell, C.A.A35449Guelph
Shewell, T.A.A35449Guelph
Shewfelt, T.E. (Elmer) Bdr.43rd DA35414Tiverton/Lindsay June 6, 1944
Sheyan, R.M. no number OshawaJanuary 1, 1970
Shiska, N. (?) Gnr.11th DM67596/H67596January 1, 1970
Simmons, A. no number Arnprior January 1, 1970
Simmons, A. Bdr.A35341
Simmons, A.A. (Amos)A35341Guelph
Simmons, Allan C. Gnr.11th DB47554
Simmons, M.H. no number
Simmons, T.H. Sgt.11th DA35237Guelph/Oakville
Simpson, G. (George) L/Bdr.43rd DA35397Guelph
Simpson, W.no numberGrafton
Simrose, M.E. Gnr.16th D K15517July 26, 1944
Simser, D.C. Bdr.11th DC96020January 1, 1970
Sinclair, J.L. Gnr.16th D M100638January 1, 1970
Singular, H. (W.H.) A35320Guelph/BowmanvilleJanuary 1, 1970
Skelton, H.C. Supt.
Slack, H.C. Bdr.A28301
Slichter, J.M. Lt.16th D
Smiley, (A.) (R ) G. Bdr. 43rd D RHQ/11th DA35503Kemptville
Smith, Anthony Larratt Capt.43rd D RHQToronto July 27, 1944
Smith, C.H. Lt.
Smith, Cecil Roy A35336/A35338Georgetown
Smth, E.F. Gnr.11th DB11082Hamilton
Smith, E.M.F5667
Smith, G.B. Gnr.H67550August 14, 1944
Smith, G.C.B84673
Smith, L.R. Gnr.43rd DA58771
Smith, M. Sgt.43rd DB39197
Smith, Milne S/Sgt. B89197
Smith, N. Gnr.B11029
Smith, N.W. Gnr.B11152
Smith, R.B. no number Toronto
Smith, R.G. Gnr.B11129
Smith, Raymond G. Bdr.no number
Smith, T.C. Gnr.16th D H101144
Smith, T.J.no number
Smith, W. Gnr.B11029
Smith, W.E.B. R.S.M.B11041Brantford
Smokoroski, H. Gnr.16th DH101041
Snider, C.J. BSM11th DB11000Hamilton
Snider, C.J. Pte.11th DA11712
Snider, R. Gnr.16th DH64884
Sollary, E. no number Toronto
South, W.G. no number Toronto
Speers, W. no number
Spence, W.C. Sgt.B11122
Spencely, R.W.B11538
Spencer, F.H. Gnr.16th D A35517
Spotton, J.G. “Jack” MajorToronto
Springer, R.B. Gnr.B6388
Stack, L.H. no number
Stafford, George H. Lt.July 18, 1944
Stahlbaum, C. "Tiny" Gnr.16th D A35504HespelerAugust 14, 1944
Stainer, C.T. (W.) Gnr.16th D B11904Burlington
Stainer, Cy.no number
Stanley, William Henry L/Bdr11th DB11925TorontoAugust 14, 1944
Stark, Clifford Henry Gnr.16th D A35404TorontoSeptember 6, 1944
Stark, Ivan H. Gnr.A35326Guelph/Galt
Stark, W.R. (Bill) Gnr.16th D A35494Caledonia September 28, 1944
Starret, W. Bdr.43rd DC9854January 1, 1970
Statham, W. Gnr.43rd DA34909Forrest
Steele, M.T. Gnr.11th DB111595
Steele, W.J.no number
Steele, William J.G. Capt.Picton
Steen, A.J. Gnr.16th D H100422
Stewart, H.R.A35518
Stewart, J.C. Lt. Col.
Stewart, M. Bdr.11th DC1670
Stewart, MacLaren no number
Stewart, R. no numberLondon
Stirling, B.B11108
Stirrett, F.A35520
Stockdale, F. Gnr. 11th DB11314Hamilton
Stockwell, W.H. Gnr.43rd DB11929St. Catharines
Stoffman, R.no number
Storey, Eldon H. Gnr.16th D C100015Cantley, PQ September 6, 1944
Storor, A.H. Gnr.11th DB11116Brantford 21 Jul 44
Stott, W.A. Gnr.B11207January 1, 1970
Street, U.A. L/Bdr.16th D L10437August 14, 1944
Stricker, Harry Gnr.A35485Kitchener May 4, 1944
Stuart, H.R.no number
Stuart, R.W.A35301Guelph
Suddaby, George Gnr.11th DB11928Cardiff, EnglandDied of Wounds 17-Aug-44
Sullivan, A.C. Gnr.16th D G418January 1, 1970
Sullivan, K.D. Gnr.16th D M66617August 14, 1944
Sutcliffe, T.H. no number January 1, 1970
Sutcliffe, Thomas Raymond Sgt.43rd DA35353Chesley June 8, 1944
Sutherland, (C.) (G.) P. Lt. 11th DJanuary 1, 1970
Sutherland, G. Lt.
Swaebe, E. Gnr.11th DB11335/B11355
Swan, G.F. Gnr.16th D M100600
Switzer, A.R. L/Bdr.16th D C951
Szabo, E. no numberCaledonia
Szabo, J.A. no number Caledonia
Szabo, Z.A. no numberCaledonia
Szec, R. Bdr11th DB11960June 27, 1944
Tancock, O.J. Bdr. B11224Burlington
Tarleton, E.I. Gnr.B11976
Tate, E.S. Col.Ottawa
Taylor, Franklin H. Bdr.43rd DA35430Acton/Guelph April 11, 1945
Taylor, J.A.C35153
Taylor, J. A. Gnr.16th D C34156/C35156August 14, 1944
Taylor, J.H. (James)A35429Acton/London
Taylor, R.J.no number
Taylor, R.P.no number
Taylor, S.R. Gnr.11th DB83418
Taylor, W.J. Gnr.A59682TorontoAugust 14, 1944
Tease, B. no numberMillgroveJanuary 1, 1970
Tease. R.B. (Reginald)A35416Galt
Teed, S.N. Gnr.43rd DA35207Guelph/Hespeler
Teevins, A.V. L/Bdr.A35241
Telford, E.H.no number
Telford, R. Gnr.43rd DA35286GuelphJuly 6, 1944
Telford, W.R.A35286Guelph
Temple, J.R. Gnr.B11905
Tennant, M.C.L64498Richmond, ON
Terreberry, A.H.see belowB146788
Terry, A.G.B11249
Terry, R.D. no number Hagersville
Terry, R.O. Gnr.11th DB11179
Terryberry, A.H. no number Port Robinson
Terryberry, R.C. no number Welland
Thom, E.W. Gnr.K71182September 10, 1944
Thomas, G. no number New Hamburg January 1, 1970
Thomas, G.E. Sigm.43rd DH38548January 1, 1970
Thomas, G.L. (George) Sgt.16th DA35234Guelph
Thompson, C.C. (Carl C.) Surname "Thompson" found in numerous sources is incorrect. We have used the surname "Thomsen" cited in Commonwealth War Graves commission and Library and Archives Canada dataH60706August 14, 1944
Thompson, G.L. no numberEastbourne, Sussex, England January 1, 1970
Thompson, Garnet L. Gnr.43rd DA35399GuelphJuly 5, 1944
Thompson, J.H. Gnr.B45745January 1, 1970
Thompson, L.G. Gnr.F52324July 26, 1944
Thompson, N.C. Gnr.B6942January 1, 1970
Thompson, T.W.A35214Elmwood
Thompson, W.H.A35184Guelph
Thoms, E.W. Pte.43rd DK71182
Thomsen, Carl C. Gnr. H60706August 14, 1944
Thurston, G.R. Gnr.16th DB6992January 1, 1970
Thwaites, T.C.A35188Guelph
Thwrites, T. no number
Tighe, J.F. Gnr.11th DC562
Tilcox, A.T.A35291Guelph
Tiller, F.R.C.E. no number
Tillinghaste, J.D. (W.D.)B146826
Timms, S.B11466
Tiswell, H.P. (Harry)A35412Guelph
Titley, W.T. Gnr.43rd DB124632Toronto
Todd, T.W. Gnr.11th DB11065
Toddoroff, G. Gnr.P4591
Tomkins, Harold W.see Tompkins no numberElora
Tomkins, W.H. no number London
Tomlinson, M.G. Gnr.16th DC100499
Tomlinson, W.A. Gnr.43rd DB111440
Tompkins, H.W. (Harold)A35411Elora
Tompsett, Frederick Gnr.43rd DB44764Toronto Died of Wounds 6-Sep-44
Tost, D.C. Sgt.11th DB11271GeorgetownJanuary 1, 1970
Townsend, C.E.W. L/Sgt.A35474January 1, 1970
Townsend, F.A. Gnr.16th DL443September 6, 1944
Townsend, W. no number GuelphJanuary 1, 1970
Trimble, W.R. no number OrilliaJanuary 1, 1970
Tucktie, W.J. no number Hamilton January 1, 1970
Turnbull, J.M. Gnr.B150255August 19, 1944
Turner, R.J. Gnr.43rd DD7548March 27, 1945
Tutton, F.A35406Guelph
Tutton, Frank E. Gnr.16th DA35406Elora
Tweed, S.N. Bdr.A35207
Tyndall, A. no number Toronto
Underhill, A.C. Gnr.B6900
Ure, J. Gnr.11th DB11135Hamilton
Urquhart, C. no number
Urquhart, C.E. Gnr.11th DA35190Guelph/KincardineJune 12, 1944
Van Cleaf, K.C. S/Sgt.B11002Durham
Vandenbossche, R.G. Gnr.11th DB11162
Varey, R.G. L/Sgt.A35329Guelph
Vaughan, P.J. Bdr.B11044Hamilton
Ventry, W. no numberBridgeport
Ventry, W.J.A28303
Vet, YanA35360Fergus
Vickery, C.C. (Clifford) (Cliff) L/Sgt.43rd DA35204Guelph/Fergus
Vickery, Charlesfrom brick no number
Vidler, R.A. Sgt.B11163Camp Shilo, MN
Vogel, A. Gnr.11th DM533September 26, 1944
Vollet, W. no number Sarnia January 1, 1970
Vollett, W.F. Gnr. A35400
Vollick, H. Gnr.B11030Hamilton
Waddington, Thomas A. Gnr. 43rd DA35308Guelph/Preston
Walden, H.G. Gnr.43rd DL10344
Walker, G.A. Lt.Guelph
Walker, W. no number
Walker, W.A. (William)A35338
Wallace, A. no number
Wallace, A.F. Gnr.B11090
Wallace, Alexanderno numberCampbellville
Wallace, G.G. no number
Wallace, George C.A35393Rockwood/Guelph
Walker, William A. A35339Hespeler
Walker, William W. Gnr.43rd DA35338Hespeler
Walmsley, Fred RQMSA35456Guelph
Walton. J.R. Gnr.43rd DB7067
Walton, R.A. Gnr.43rd DK15357
Ward, G. no number Hamilton
Ward, G.E. Capt.
Ware, George Gnr.16th D A35224Rockwood/GuelphDied of Wounds 16-Aug-44
Warner, J.E.A35275Guelph
Waterman, E. L/Bdr16th D B11273August 14, 1944
Waterman, E.T. no number Hagersville January 1, 1970
Waterous, H.L. no number Brantford January 1, 1970
Watson, D.S. Gnr.B11259January 1, 1970
Watson, W.J. Gnr.11thDB44362January 1, 1970
Weaver, H.S. Pte.43rd DC29056July 18, 1944
Weaver, W.J. Cpl.16th D F6176January 1, 1970
Webb, Mervin A. Gnr16th D B45351Toronto August 14, 1944
Webb, Roland H. Lt-Col.43rd D RHQOttawa
Webber, W. no number Brantford
Weber, N. no numberHarriston
Weber, N. H. L/Sgt.16th D A28292
Wedo, A35370Guelph
Wedow, ?A35370Guelph
Weiss, R.W. Gnr.11th DM3880
Wellhauser, E.J.A35200Guelph
Wells, A. Gnr.16th D B11955/11959DurhamJuly 8, 1944
Weppler, Arthur H. 43rd DA35444Chesley
Westrop L.E. no number Galt
Whalen, T.V. Cpl.43rd DF30003
Wharrie, J. TSMB11085
Wheppler, Arthur H. no numberChesley
White, J.D. (John) Gnr.11th DB11338
White, J.W. L/Sgt.B11012
White, T.C. Lt.
White, Thomas Cyril Lt. September 6, 1944
Whiting, R. no number Sarnia
Whiting, R.F. (Roy) Cpl.43rd DA35434Brigden
Whiting, R.M. L/Bdr43rd DA28439
Whitlock, H.M. Bdr.B11126
Whitmore, R.E.no number
Whitmore, Robert E.no numberDurham
Whittle, J. no numberSt. Catharines
Whittle, J.E.A28299
Wickham, C.L. Pte.16th D B39870
Wighton, J. no number Hamilton
Wilde/Wilds, C.R. Gnr. B6565
Willan, H.W. Gnr.43rd DH??672 (H36 or 56)
Wile, W.H. Lt.
Wilkie, Harold (Harry) Gnr16th D A35212GuelphAugust 14, 1944
Wilkinson, Harry Gnr.16th D A35317Galt/GuelphDied of Wounds 29-Aug-44
Wilkinson, L.M. Gnr.B11225
Williams, F.M. Gnr.A31226April 11, 1945
Williams, F.M.A35226Guelph
Williams, F.M. (H.G.) A31226Guelph
Williams, H.G. Bdr.no number
Williamson, D.A. Gnr.16th D H67522August 14, 1944
Williamson, H. L/Sgt.11th DB11101
Williamson, R. no numberNiagara Falls, N.Y.
Williamson, R.N. Gnr.11th DB11263
Wilson, Capt. Winnipeg, MN
Wilson, A.L. Gnr. 16th D A35498Guelph
Wilson, A.W. Gnr.B11444
Wilson, B.E. A28309London
Wilson, D.M. Major11th D
Wilson, J.R. Sgt.16th D B11318
Wilson, S.I. A35359
Wilson, Stanley J. no numberOakville
Wilson, T.H. Gnr.B11274
Wilson, Thomas no number Port Rowan
Windmill, G.A. no number Toronto
Windo, G.H.A35261Guelph
Wise, G. B11963
Wise, W.G.no number Toronto
Wiswell, Harry P.no number
Wisswell, N. no number
Wollett, W.E.no number
Wood, E. Gnr. 11th DB11215
Wood, N. Gnr.11th DB8075
Woodhall, ?no number
Woodhall, F.V. Gnr.11th DB16515Unknown date
Woods, E.P. no numberGlendale, CA
Woods, E.P. Gnr. 16th D A35221Guelph
Wreakes, J.A. L/Bdr.11th DB1155
Wright, D.C. H103619
Wright, Edwin Gnr. 43rd DA106209Wallaceburg July 11, 1944
Wright, G. Lt.
Wright, Grant M. Capt.TorontoJune 6, 1944
Wright, J.A. no number January 1, 1970
Wright, John A. (Johnny) Sgt. 43rd DA35396GuelphJuly 23, 1944
Wright, Robert George Gnr.11th DB11040Astley, England Died of Wounds 14-Aug-44
Wright, Robert James Gnr.B11278Cochrane August 14, 1944
Wyatt, J.W.B11609January 1, 1970
Wyton, A.C. Gnr. 16th D B11969TorontoJanuary 1, 1970
Wywiura, P. Gnr.16th D L57701January 1, 1970
Yemen, Thomas Fyfe L/Bdr.A35239Guelph
Yemen, Thomasno number
York, A.C. Gnr. B11362Marlbank
York, H.J.A35476
York, R.J. Gnr.16th D A35450
Young, C.D. Gnr.B11121
Young, Clarence O. A35250Guelph
Young, D. Gnr.B11238
Young, D.C.L. no number Caledonia
Young, D.S. RQMS43rd DA35195Guelph
Young, G. no number Guelph
Zeigler, D.E.A35280Guelph
Ziegler, D.E.no numberGalt
Zinger, J.W.A35180Guelph
Zummack, H.J. (J.H.)no number Port McNichol
Zummack, T.H. (Thomas) (Jack)A35352Guelph
Twelfth Field Reunion lists 1958,1993, 1994
Goring 16/43 Battery Surname List/Regmental Number List
Prospective Nominal Roll 16/43 Battery
"Into Action With The Twelfth Field" Capt. T.J. Bell
August 1940 16/43 Battery Photo at Guelph Armoury
Photos taken by Rob Stark of Juno Memorial bricks
D Day Lists provided by Rob Stark ,Twelfth Field Regiment Association