Give the Children Freedom is a preview for the documentary of Netherlands Liberation and the Royal Canadian Artillery 12th Field Regiment.  Through the eyes of those that lived it, history comes alive through interviews, WW2 archival footage, still photographs and authentic material. It is a personal story about remarkable men and women and their memories of their time.

The poem is read by young student, Julian, for the 70th commemorations of the Liberation of the Netherlands in ‘s-Heerenberg. He learned to read this poem in English as he was asked to tell Canadians and WW2 Allies why it’s important that children in the Netherlands are alive and free today.
‘s-Heerenberg, Netherlands, was at one of the first towns liberated on April 1st, 1945 in Operation Plunder  and the Battle of the Rhine.


Give the children freedom!

I see children play together, black or white,

It doesn’t matter, they want to share everything.

Do they know, there was a war, a long time ago.

Do they realize what it means: one minute silence?

And to celebrate liberation day, the next day ?

Do they know about the concentration camps?

We will tell them about the terror of the war…

I  so wish to all children peace forever!

Let all children live in peace,

No war, no hate, no envy, no senseless violence!

Give us peace and freedom…..everywhere.